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Army of the Dead Cheat is: More Lives (Retry) added Play Now!
Beekus Big Adventure Chapter 1 Cheat is: A lot of ammo added and infinite Health Play Now!
Infect.Evolve.Repeat Cheat is: First level time hack, to familiarize yourself. After it, you gain pretty much infinite money. **Don't upgrade too much on reproduction, it can slow down the game, badly** Play Now!
Effing Worms v1.2 Cheat is: Infinite Health "Click the Worm" - Change Worm Speed Up and Down by increments of 0.5 - Attach any Upgrade part at anytime - NOTE: Hack buttons located under the game, if you don't see them refresh or reload the page until you do! Play Now!
Close Quarter Combat Cheat is: Infinite Health, Ammo, and a "Kill em All" button. Press # 9 for security clearance 9 Play Now!
The Arrow of Time Cheat is: Press Numpad 0 to get 99999999 points. NOTE: This hack can only be applied when you're in the fighting mode. Play Now!
Desert Storm Cheat is: Infinite Lives - Ammo For All Missiles Play Now!
Sindicate Cheat is: cash hack, power hack, henchman stats and they cost $1-$4 (only hacked skirmish cause in single player it will be no fun) Play Now!
Big Tree Defense Cheat is: All levels unlocked - Start with 100 points - All weapons and upgrades only 1 point - Tree trunk and limb upgrades are free - Tree repair is free - Sell any weapon from the tree for a huge amount of water ! Play Now!
GunMaster Urban Warfare Cheat is: Ammo and Health Hack Play Now!
CycloManiacs Cheat is: All upgrades 1$ - Flipping no longer resets you, stunt, or boost - Earn boost super easy - see extra info below Play Now!
HUM VS ZERG 2 Cheat is: All Purchases give you x2 more money & All Units Available - Press Esc button for instant win Play Now!
Cannon Defense Cheat is: no reload, health, cash, ammo Play Now!
Dawn of the Zombies Cheat is: infinite ammo, infinite health, infinite cannons, all guns unlocked from the start, and the nuke and bomb shelter are both unlocked Play Now!
Orc Slayer 2 Cheat is: 999999999 Health 999999999 Cash Play Now!
Pico Sim Date 2 Cheat is: $999999, 999 energy(HP) and 20 start stats plus 90 extra points. Play Now!
Railworld 3 Cheat is: 99 Lives, infinite bombs and extra build time Play Now!
Bollywood Pinball Cheat is: 99 Balls added Play Now!
Shop Lifter Cheat is: Infinite Cash - All Weapons Have Unlimited Ammo ! Play Now!
Run Bolt Run Cheat is: Higher Jump and run faster. Bolt is now a super dog. Play Now!
River Rush Cheat is: arcade Play Now!
Holy War: Invasion Cheat is: Cannot be killed by shots or collisions. Play Now!
JetBus Cheat is: Unlimited health, nitros and brakes once you buy them - All store purchases add money - We're not sure if the rest of the cars can be unlocked since the game is very encrypted however you should unlock them when you beat all levels on any difficulty. Play Now!
Lord of War Cheat is: More money, more lives, more points, tower stats. Play Now!
Hobo3 - Wanted Cheat is: Health - Start with SMG - All combos unlocked - 5X more ammo for weapons - Passwords below in hack info. Play Now!
Red Cheat is: Infinite Ammo Play Now!
Extreme Tank Wars Cheat is: Lots of money, lower prices, More HP. Play Now!
Super Ninja Strike Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
3 Little Pigs: Home Defence Cheat is: Money, Lives, Everything costs 1. Play Now!
Angry Bees Hacked Cheat is: Lots of Money Play Now!
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