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Pit Dwellers Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Sinjid Battle Arena Cheat is: Speed Hack (DO NOT SAVE) ,Money and EXP Points after the first battle. Play Now!
Domino Fall 2 Cheat is: Unlimited Bombs for each level Play Now!
Alpha Force Cheat is: 999 Lives, 999 Smart Bombs, 999 Continues and 999 Armour. Play Now!
Gold Miner Vagas Cheat is: Everything is worth $10,000 Play Now!
Bird Flu Cheat is: Lots of money, go nuts Play Now!
Grandpa Launcher Cheat is: Everything in the shop is free, fuel for all jetpacks doubledand 99 bullets for all weapons Play Now!
Mother Judgement Cheat is: Enemies give you health (don't look at the health bar) - Unlimited slow down time. Play Now!
Bound Bear Cheat is: Shots Hack Play Now!
Chainsaw the Children Cheat is: Press (or hold) the F key each time to add more gas/fuel. Play Now!
Snack Dash Cheat is: Infinite lives- - NOTE:Right c lick -> Play Play Now!
Roly Poly Cannon 3 Cheat is: All Levels Unlocked Play Now!
Tunnel Racer Cheat is: 100 lives instead of 10 (Not infinite because you will get a headache). Play Now!
Battle Garden Cheat is: Invincible - First shoot the transparent enemies to make them visible - Shoot enemies heads for the star. Play Now!
Deep Forest Cheat is: Gold and lives hack Play Now!
Robokill Trainer - Demo Cheat is: Infinite Money on first money pickup - Highest Level on first level up! - READ NOTE! Play Now!
Balloon Pets Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Note: if you've played the game before click reset player data to get them unlocked. Play Now!
Madness Combat Defense Cheat is: Towers and Upgrades are free, And lives lost will stop at 1. So basically infinite lives. Play Now!
Loa and the Island Quest Cheat is: Enemies give you health - Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Armor Picross Cheat is: Tires, All packs unlocked, changed text for the fun of it Play Now!
Alien Invasion 2 Cheat is: Money - 1000 max units and objects - No wait time on anything - All modes unlocked Play Now!
Zombies Took My Daughter Cheat is: Invincibility & Unlimited Cash Play Now!
Ben 10 Ultimate Moto 2 Cheat is: The Special Bike is unlocked after beating the first level Play Now!
Cave Of Wonders Cheat is: Tons of lives Play Now!
Dragon Warrior Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, dying gives you lives (just in case) and 2x the time to complete the levels. Play Now!
Fireworks Cart Racing Cheat is: Infinite turbos "rockets - Infinite fuel - Note: It is a short game I but thought you guys might want a short thrill ride lol! Play Now!
Seed Of Destruction Cheat is: Infinite health and boost, killing soldiers gives 1000 points instead of 250 Play Now!
Serious Santa Cheat is: Unlimited Lives,All Weapons Available & Infinite Ammo - - - Read note! Play Now!
Sift Heads World 3 Cheat is: Money - Ammo - Magazine - Invincibility AFTER first death! Play Now!
Silent Destiny: Grael Tower Defense Cheat is: Life, And Money Play Now!
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