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Luna's Magic Flower Shop Cheat is: All level goals set to 1 & Timer x2 Doubled for each level Play Now!
Transporter 2 - Adrenaline Rush: Race Against Time Cheat is: Timer stopped - Crashing doesn't take health. Play Now!
Colony Cheat is: Buildings cost nothing TO PLAY: RIGHT CLICK -> PLAY TWO TIMES Play Now!
Aevarrian Coliseum 2 Cheat is: Keyhacks: key 1- P1's x10 more health / key 8-back to normal, key 2- P2's x10 more health/ key 9-back to normal & Press the END button to end the level and Win (Player 1 wins) Play Now!
Run Don't Stop Cheat is: Lots of money,start out with 10 iceballs,increased starting health and speed increased (you can upgrade it later from the shop) Play Now!
Scorched Sky Cheat is: Health, you cant die, unlimited ammo for all weapons and grenade. Play Now!
Blocks Cometh Cheat is: Unlimited jumps (can jump in the air). Note - you can't submit your score so click "Space" to restart after you die. Play Now!
Pearl Harbor Cheat is: Fuel, ammo Play Now!
Marpoon Lagoon Cheat is: 9999 Stash and 99999 "This Strip" Play Now!
Bottle Capper Cheat is: You now have 30 seconds time instead of 15 sec. Play Now!
Defem Cheat is: Only the Nuke can kill you & The diamonds don't disappear! Play Now!
Cyber Ryder Cheat is: Complete level 1 to unlock the cool bike Play Now!
Enduro 2 - The Sawmill Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
My Pet Protector: Generation 2 Cheat is: Health,mana,strength,dexterity,constitution, wisdom,intelligence,charisma,every job is giving you infinite cash, materials, and no stress ! NOTE: You have to clear your internet cache for the new hacks to work! Play Now!
Green Go Cheat is: Lives and Jump hack Play Now!
Grave Robber Cheat is: Infinite Lives and Continues Play Now!
Childs war Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Bird Flu Cheat is: Lots of money, go nuts Play Now!
Caves of Mordor Cheat is: Infinite Stat-Points and Health Play Now!
Zombie Killer 2072 AD Cheat is: More Health added Play Now!
Snowstar Cheat is: $9,999,999, 99999 Health, Start with 50 strength, cuteness, luck. Plus 100 points to upgrade. Play Now!
Legend Wars Cheat is: Gold hack -- Gold hack button below the game -- I only added one hack because I realized you can buy unlimited amount of health and stats for your towers and soldiers! Play Now!
Glaikitty Fyke Cheat is: You get 15000 money instead of 200 money after the first round! Play Now!
The Guardian 2 Cheat is: Key hacks: Press key 1 for unlimited health - Key 2 to add 1000 money each time you press it. The game is 10MB let it load. Play Now!
Sim Lemon Lemonade 30 Days Cheat is: Money Play Now!
Legendary Hero Cheat is: Unlimited Skill and Stat points (using them doesn't take them away). Play Now!
Santa Xmas Nightmare 2 Cheat is: Lots of health for Santa and all reindeer, lots of money and unlimited ammo for all guns except the first. Play Now!
Spartan: Wrath of The Titans Cheat is: Enemies do no damage - Dying doesn't cost lives. Play Now!
Defend Of The Ghost Sword Cheat is: Unlimited Base Life & Upgrade Points Play Now!
Stick Bang Cheat is: Lots of money and no weapons reload Play Now!
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