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Bombardius Cheat is: Unlimited Money on all levels Play Now!
Enduro 3 - The Junkyard Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Maniac Killer Cheat is: Key Hacks: Press M for money - Press L for 100 extra lives! Play Now!
Fortside 2 Cheat is: Unlimited money and lives! Play Now!
Thor Towers Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
A Walk in the Park Cheat is: Dog is faster,man is lighter,man jumps,lower gravity Play Now!
Sky Invasion Cheat is: Life, Gold, Research cost decreased, All links to APH. Play Now!
Aevarrons Coliseum Cheat is: Infinite health for all player 1 characters Play Now!
Armor Trigger 2 Cheat is: Health, you don't loose a life and points. It says that you have 0 points, but you have only to click "buy". Play Now!
Biomess Cheat is: Invincibility,Ammo & Clip Size hack Play Now!
Darkbase Defence Cheat is: 10x More Health & Shield - 1000 Upgrade points after every wave - Infinite Ammo, Mines, Turrets, Decoys, Missiles, & a lot of Airstrikes! See Note Below! Play Now!
Hungry are the Dead Cheat is: $99,999,999 Money Play Now!
ToyTown Tower Defence Cheat is: 100 lives and 999999 money Play Now!
Mardek Chapter 1 V3.1.0.6 Cheat is: EXP times 100, everything's value is 1, all skills require 1 AP (at this point, the only optional skill is Insomnia, so I didn't bother with Strike or Huff-Puff). This is my first hack in some time, and I didn't do much with it since it's barely a game at Play Now!
Dark Op Escape Cheat is: Invincible - Timer stopped. Play Now!
Smoking Kills Cheat is: cash hack Play Now!
Cannon Defense Cheat is: no reload, health, cash, ammo Play Now!
Crow in Hell 2 Cheat is: Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Kingdom Keeper Cheat is: Money, Points (Stat and Ability) Play Now!
Necronator Cheat is: Souls "money" And Mana - No unit limit - No cool-down time on units or spells - NOTE: Mana hack starts after tutorial or you can abort tutorial either or! " HIGHSCORES DISABLED " Also see note below! Play Now!
Monsters Den 2 - The Book Of Dread Cheat is: 999999999 Gold, Health, Stat & Skill Points - Power 100% Every Turn! Play Now!
Mushroom Farm Defender Cheat is: infinity cash, health, mushrooms cost $1, cut trees cost $1, diamons cost $1, tower stats, more time Play Now!
Aliens on Earth Cheat is: Unlimited Cash Play Now!
Megaman Project X Cheat is: Unlimited Lives Play Now!
Celtiic Village Cheat is: All recourses maxed Play Now!
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Cheat is: Nothing damages you. Play Now!
Summoner Saga chapter 8 Cheat is: HP, MP and SP Play Now!
Tactical Combat Cheat is: Key hacks : press key 1 to add 5 skill points and key 2 to add 1000 money. Play Now!
Mechanism Cheat is: Unlimited cuts (cutting doesn't take away cuts). Play Now!
Neo Tower Defence Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
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