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Loaded Metal Cheat is: Money hack and more damage to all guns Play Now!
Highway Justice Cheat is: Invincible car. Play Now!
Marksmen Cheat is: All Cheats Unlocked (toggable from the main menu tab - Cheats) Play Now!
Black Navy War Cheat is: Base Health and Resource Hack - Kill at least one enemy to start the resource hack.. Play Now!
South Park - Volcano Cheat is: Infinite lives Play Now!
Double Wires Cheat is: Added Red Lines to keep you from dying Play Now!
Nail It Cheat is: Infinite life Play Now!
Vector Menace Cheat is: All purchases add cash. Play Now!
Final Tank Cheat is: Money and Lives! - No health hack because of the lives hack. Play Now!
Monkey Kickoff Cheat is: Ball goes way faster and friction is very low Play Now!
Foofa Race Cheat is: Computer opponents can't use powerups, and powerups Range and damage time increased ! Beware though , you can hit your own on the next lap. Play Now!
Zombie Arena Cheat is: 9999 ammo to all weapons, 999 mines, Instant rage after one kill, Faster movement. Play Now!
Dungeon Escape Cheat is: Bunch of lives Play Now!
GUNROX: Zombie Outbreak Cheat is: Loads Of Money - Invincibility - Infinite Ammo For All Weapons - Start With The Best Weapon - Faster Moving - Increased Bullets Damage ! Play Now!
Youda Sushi Chef Cheat is: All purchases add money. If you want to win a level just purchase ingredients. Play Now!
Star Bear Brother Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Bitter Pill Part 1: The Twisted Stomach Cheat is: Health increased to max - Some Bugs cant die(default in game) don't waste time with them. Play Now!
Squareman 2 Cheat is: Invincibility, Infinite Lives Play Now!
Raze Cheat is: Invincibility after first shot. Unlimited ammo for carried weapons. Both campaigns are available from the beginning. Play Now!
Sexy Slots Cheat is: Lots of money, increased max bet and more chances to win the jackpot. Play Now!
Castles of Talesworth Cheat is: Money on endurance and free stuff on campaign ! Play Now!
Mining Truck Cheat is: Unlimited time and 1 cargo item needed to finish the game Play Now!
Lone Faction Cheat is: Max Health - Max lives - All guns - Shooting gives you ammo - Press key K to skip the intro. Play Now!
Burning Wheels Cheat is: Added 2 buttons to main screen. The dollar sign button gives you $100K every time you click on it. The Lvl Up button will skip the current level. Play Now!
Line Runner 2 Cheat is: Infinite lives on Arcade mode (the other mode has different challenges). Play Now!
Jungle Defender Cheat is: Invincible Base And Defences - Loads Of Money - Start Out With 100 Kills - Infinite Ammo For All Weapons - Mega Damage To All Bullets - Links From That Buttons Removed ! Play Now!
Monsters Ate My Neighbors Cheat is: All purchases and upgrades give you money (suns). Play Now!
Lord Of War Cheat is: Infinite Money and 999 Lives Play Now!
Stick World Cheat is: Unlimited Health,start with a lot of cash,player moves faster,ammo,clip size and reload for all weapons,all weapons automatics and many more! Play Now!
Blue Knight Cheat is: Enemies do no damage - Start with a jetpack and a gun. Play Now!
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