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Super Racer Cheat is: Infinite nitro boosts Play Now!
Modern Medieval 2 Cheat is: 77777 health and 7777 lives Play Now!
Wellington Cheat is: Invincible (can still die from falling in holes) Play Now!
Monk Seal Watch Cheat is: X5 More Energy Play Now!
Armor Games Avalanche Cheat is: Start with lots of cash. Play Now!
Armor Hero Defend Your Base Cheat is: Unlimited Life Play Now!
Gabal Cheat is: Lives and money hack Play Now!
Troy Cheat is: Number key hacks -> 1 for gold hack and 2 for no build limit---MUST read the note in game information! Play Now!
Cannoneer Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Click menu->Level select to see them. Play Now!
Caveman Cheat is: more lives, more time, more score Play Now!
Army of the Dead Cheat is: More Lives (Retry) added Play Now!
Pro Skate Cheat is: You don't lose lives, all levels unlocked. Mouse click to select the level space to start it. Note : if your player isn't moving click the screen first and he'll start moving. Play Now!
Nuclear Eagle Cheat is: Nest health hacked (feed the birds with 1 villager to make the hack work) and i also hacked the points so u can lvl up faster to lvl 17 Play Now!
F18 Strike Force Cheat is: Unlimited bombs, rockets and fuel - Lots of health. Play Now!
Electric Man 2 Cheat is: Higher batterychargingrate and much much more health Play Now!
Mario Remix Boss Edition Cheat is: Infinite Coins, All Enemies Health Lowered To 3 Play Now!
Fly and Blast Cheat is: Money & All Heroes Invincible Play Now!
Hell Tour Cheat is: Everything is maxed out Play Now!
Military Rescue Cheat is: Unlimited lives - Shooting gives you ammo. Play Now!
Ben 10 Blockade Blitz Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Kingdoms at War : Conquest Cheat is: Cash and starting points hack - Note: Works only if you play without an account! Play Now!
Seven Deadly Sins Cheat is: Infinite Money and Infinite Stamina(sometimes the stamina hack doesn't work,so don't complain).Parents,please see the note! Play Now!
Command and Defend Cheat is: Get a few kills to get Unlimited Cash Play Now!
Prison Bustout Cheat is: Press "A" To Hide anywhere "Even in the Lights" & You Can't be shot . Play Now!
Savage Huskies Cheat is: Type in the Cheats-Menu: Carpet1 - Carpet6 to unlock all. But, instead of 999 Health i made for you 99999999 Health. Play Now!
Mana Wars 2 Cheat is: Money and mana hack,units make more damage Play Now!
4 Wheel Madness 3 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Newgrounds Portal Cheat is: Gold points and lives hack Play Now!
The Bow Game Cheat is: All Bows Unlocked, Infinite Lives, & Time - Note: The Lives & Time will go into negative values, instead of you loosing ! FLASH PLAYER 10 NEEDED TO PLAY GAME ! Play Now!
Bloody Hell Cheat is: Time Hack Play Now!
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