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fanta factory Cheat is: Infinite Fanta (Lives) and Money Play Now!
Troy Cheat is: Number key hacks -> 1 for gold hack and 2 for no build limit---MUST read the note in game information! Play Now!
Beetle Wars Cheat is: Lots of cash,invincible bug and infinite power Play Now!
Head Shot Cheat is: Time, bullets and no reload hack Play Now!
Animal TD Cheat is: Key hacks: Key 1 + 10000 gold. Key 2 + 10000 wood. Keys 3-5 add 10000 to water, earth and fire levels (more towers). Play Now!
Hungry are the Dead Cheat is: $99,999,999 Money Play Now!
Tanks v2 Cheat is: Get 1000 Energy & Money after every shot Play Now!
Fast and Dangerous Cheat is: All purchases give you money - All cars and parts unlocked - Unlimited nitro. Play Now!
Black Sails Cheat is: 999999 Money Play Now!
Elite Forces Southo Cheat is: character stats(money,lives,speed,aura) Play Now!
Desktop Tower Defense 1.0 Cheat is: 999 Lives, 293605 Gold, tower names, damage, splash, range, freeze and range are hacked. Play Now!
Outpost: Dedlaw Cheat is: Energy hack Play Now!
Noidzor Cheat is: 100 Attribute and skill points to upgrade your character. After full upgrades you will get 999 HP and MP, a super powerful main orb, and extra long lasting mini orbs Play Now!
Windfall Cheat is: Money, Cost Play Now!
Dravalanche Cheat is: Enemies do no damage. Play Now!
Topsy Turvy Cheat is: Spikes don't hurt you, all levels unlocked. Play Now!
Humaliens Battle 2 Cheat is: Key hacks: Press key 1 to add 10000 upgrade points, key 2 to add 10000 money, key 3 to have all specials ready, key 4 - have all current units that are set to be build ready. Play Now!
Shadow of the Warrior Cheat is: 100k Energy, 100k Life & Mana potions Play Now!
Anticristum Cheat is: Press 1 for 99999 money. Press 2 for full karma. Play Now!
Mountain Showdown Cheat is: Health, Power, Ninja Stars, All weapons, Double Jump, Only weapon 5 uses power, if you need power just get hit by an enemy for full power! Play Now!
Furious Tank Cheat is: Press key 1 for: Infinite Cash,Invincibility and Experience! Play Now!
Crazy Castle Cheat is: 9999999 Gold and Maximum Ammo for all weapons. Play Now!
Mount Eruption Cheat is: Lots of upgrade points Play Now!
Brink Of Alienation 4 Cheat is: Ammo - ALL GUNS - Big Head Play Now!
Shuriken Challenge Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Tails Nightmare Cheat is: Lives, Coins, and Infinite Flight ! 3 hack buttons under game, if you don't see them reload or refresh page until you do ! Play Now!
The Classroom 3 Cheat is: Teacher FOV won't work unless you are RIGHT next to the teacher. Here are some passwords: geekfoundation gotoAndStop donalex windowchecker classroomrunner psychedman fisherlike boycoot cellularman theexcuse crash invalid. Comment on what other hack Play Now!
Stunt Pilot Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Air Typer Cheat is: Infinite Zapper Play Now!
The Island Cheat is: Health and Ammo Hack Play Now!
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