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Parking Training 2 Cheat is: Double x2 Time to complete each level & 1 Point needed to pass the level Play Now!
Zombie Racing Cheat is: 100 Attribute Points Per race - Player Health - AI opponents can't use nitrous - Win Race no matter what place you get Play Now!
Cheat Death Cheat is: Frozen timer. Play Now!
Holy Avenger Cheat is: Added button to game screen that turns on God Mode for unlimited mana Play Now!
Castle Defense Cheat is: money, castle health Play Now!
Christmas Defense Cheat is: All purchases in the store add money. Play Now!
Millie Megavolte Cheat is: Infinite Health/Anger Play Now!
Asteroid Wars Cheat is: free upgrades, accept any continue code Play Now!
The Professionals 2 Cheat is: Unlimited health and ammo. Play Now!
Bank Robber Cheat is: Health, Money and Unlocking/All The Ability Hacked Play Now!
The Empire Cheat is: Money Hack, you have now got 5 million gold coins. Play Now!
Armor Hero Water Pursuit Cheat is: Invincible Play Now!
Johnny Deep Cheat is: Money - Infinite Oxygen - After upgrading you will get 1000 health & infinite arrows - Also Heath pick-ups give you Max health instead of just 25 more! Play Now!
The Final Death Wish Cheat is: All Weapons, Armor, and Gadgets owned - No reload time for weapons - Infinite Health and Focus - All Perks available to select from on each level up! Play Now!
Pocket Change Cheat is: Timer hack Play Now!
Spongebob Snowpants Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
Pacs Jungle Trip Cheat is: Infinite Lives and Time Play Now!
Mario World Overrun Cheat is: 1337 Gold on Easy, 10x Gold on all other levels. 10x Castle life on all levels. Guns shoot much faster (Shotgun shooting at uzi speed). Play Now!
Toxie Radd Cheat is: Health, Grenades, Guns don't overheat, and all Guns have increased ROF from start ! Play Now!
War Machine Cheat is: Invincibility. Play Now!
SteppenWolf (Chapter 2 - Episode 4) Cheat is: Life hack Play Now!
Poker Flash Cheat is: Press M to add $100 to your budget & B to Bankrupt your enemies. Needs 1 turn so the labels refresh. Play Now!
Zacks Hardware Cheat is: All towers are Free & have no build time! Play Now!
Darkbase Defence Cheat is: 10x More Health & Shield - 1000 Upgrade points after every wave - Infinite Ammo, Mines, Turrets, Decoys, Missiles, & a lot of Airstrikes! See Note Below! Play Now!
Defender Hold The Holy Pig Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Straw Hat Samurai Cheat is: Infinite Health Hack Play Now!
Dare Devil Cheat is: 99,999,999,999,999 Customizable Points Play Now!
Farm of Souls Cheat is: Start with 100 souls, all purchases give you more. Play Now!
Short Bus Rampage Cheat is: Infinite Lives, More Time Added (Infinite Time would make it stop at level 1) Play Now!
Mad Trucker 3 Cheat is: Click Reset Progress to get Infinite Money,Survival Mode Unlocked,All Achievements Unlocked and the last Rocket/Bullets/Health/Fuel upgrade gives you infinite Ammo/Health/Fuel. Don't upgrade everything to the max else you will ruin the whole point of the game as it won't end. Play Now!
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