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EB2 Cheat is: Health hack - Unlock all levels by typing these letters in Caps as shown here "APH" for the password! -- Also you can still die by falling off the level! Play Now!
Crazy Koala Cheat is: Infinite Fuel Play Now!
Azgard Defence Cheat is: Money and 100 lives instead of 30 NOTE: Upgrades get expensive so watch the upgrade cost or you will go broke! And making the upgrades free caused other problems so I set it back to normal. Play Now!
War Spheres Cheat is: Free Upgrade Purchases Play Now!
Bananageddon Cheat is: Infinite Money and 99999999 Lives Play Now!
City Rain Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Nordic Race Cheat is: Unlimited Health & 30% bigger Max Speed Play Now!
Mario Zone Cheat is: Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Dad n Me Cheat is: Tons of health and One hit kills. Play Now!
Sift with Shorty X-mess Cheat is: Maximum bullets [Start with 7, but when you reload its 99], Stamina maxed out and Infinite Lazar. Play Now!
Future Wars: Rise of Raze Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Sim Delivery Cheat is: Everything in shop is $1 and I removed the police so they cant catch you. Play Now!
Stick Brix Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
My Pet Protector Cheat is: Health,mana,strength,dexterity,constitution, wisdom,intelegence,charisma,combat attack and defense and everything is free Play Now!
Vase Breaker 2 Cheat is: 999 Sling Shots and All Levels Unlocked. Play Now!
Ramps Cheat is: Level code just enter the level number you want to go to 2-33 Play Now!
Gold Miner Vagas Cheat is: Everything is worth $10,000 Play Now!
Pinch Hitter 2 Cheat is: All levels unlocked & changed team names to people from the forum - NOTE: it may appear that the levels are locked, but they are not Play Now!
The Puzzling War Cheat is: Money & Enemies give you health Play Now!
Deadly Venom Origins Cheat is: Start with 9999 ammo for all weapons - space to choose the weapon and your tranquilliser gun is in the second guard. When you have to hack the door simply move the mouse over the numbers to remove them, then press the symbols in the way they appear.
Cheats are : OUCH AMMO BOOM FAST POW - these need to be typed in all CAPS or small letters, not mixed so use the shift to type them in correctly.
Play Now!
Missile Defense Cheat is: Health,Infinite Missiles & Planes Play Now!
Dots *Updated* Cheat is: All modes are unlocked and all the characters are unlocked on hard mode! Play Now!
Postal Panic Cheat is: 999999999 Cash, 999999999 Life Play Now!
Fishsticks Cheat is: Infinite lives Play Now!
Lord of the Stars Cheat is: 99999999 Health and 40 Stars for upgrading Play Now!
Black Ops: Korean Conflict Cheat is: Infinite life, Infinite grip, Infinite sprint and lots of bullets for all weapons. Play Now!
Effective Attack Cheat is: Unlimited rocket energy (fuel). Play Now!
Clarences Big Chance Cheat is: Invincible,Higher jump & Speed increased on all terrains Play Now!
Warning Foregone Cheat is: Press the Insert (Ins) key during gameplay to add 100 seconds to the timer (that counts as lives). Play Now!
Ballista Cheat is: Upgrades cost 0, unlimited arrows. Play Now!
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