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Gangsters War Cheat is: 99999999 Money and Infinity Base Life Play Now!
Straw Hat Samurai 2 Cheat is: Health and Power Meter Play Now!
Hero's Arms *UPDATED* Cheat is: Health,magic and all weapons are x3 times stronger - Gold hack Play Now!
Solar Strike Cheat is: God mode - Unlimited bombs - No overheat. Play Now!
Tank in Action Cheat is: HP and bullets hack...To play - Right click -> Play Play Now!
The Armor RPG Experiment Cheat is: Infinite Hp - Infinite Mp - Infinite Cash - Unlocked All Weapons Play Now!
Box Clever Level Pack Cheat is: Every Level unlocked. Play Now!
Joe's Minor Adventure Cheat is: After you activate your skills: Press 1 to add x2 more Ghost Mode time - Press 2 for x2 more Armored Mode time - Press 3 to add x2 more Freeze Time time - Press 'R' to reset everything back to normal. You may press each key multiple times to add as much as time as you want. Play Now!
Taz Man Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Planet Basher 2 Cheat is: Infinite star dust,first upgrades cost 1 Play Now!
Big Truck Adventures 3 Cheat is: Lives, Nitro and Time Play Now!
Angry Faic Lift Cheat is: 10 minutes instead of 45 seconds time. Play Now!
Zaphod and Aztec Cheat is: Time and number of things you have to capture Play Now!
Guardian Angel Cheat is: Dying gives you lives, using wings gives you more. Play Now!
Manhattan Project Cheat is: Key Hacks: 5 - Money; 6 - Invincible Airplane; 7 - Unlocks All Weapons Play Now!
Gangster Mario Cheat is: Health hack, lives hack, ammo hack Play Now!
Mega Fortress Cheat is: Infinite money,everything cost $1 at the beginning Play Now!
Ninja Hunter 2 Cheat is: Temple health increased and free upgrades Play Now!
Micro Sports Cheat is: More lives added, because, i could not hack the time. Play Now!
Age Of War Cheat is: Infinite Gold, Infinite XP, Infinite Special Attacks and Instant Training Play Now!
Defenders of the Motherland Cheat is: 99999999 Stamina-Points, free upgrading and decreased a little bit the stamina of the opponents Play Now!
Sperm Wars Cheat is: Shield, Ammo Play Now!
Cargo Bridge Xmas Cheat is: No Funds needed to build - Ignore your funds value it will go into the negative! Play Now!
Monster Flood Cheat is: Invincibility - All Weapons Unlocked - Infinite Ammo - Infinite Grenades and Mines - Start With 100 Kills! Play Now!
The Lorry Story Cheat is: Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and press Space when you are at the level select screen to have all tracks unlocked, 999999 cash, all trucks and upgrades. Play Now!
Polly Party Pickup Cheat is: Timer stopped - Tornado cant cut off your friends. Play Now!
The Rocker TV Toss Cheat is: 5 minutes instead of 1 Play Now!
Iwo Jima Defence Cheat is: Cash & Lives hack Play Now!
S.W.A.T. 3 Cheat is: Infinite Health excepting grenades Play Now!
Bedrock Bust-a-Boulder Cheat is: Unlimited moves. Play Now!
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