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Snowball Fight Cheat is: Unlimited life for you - Shooting gives you more ammo. Play Now!
Mad Laboratory Cheat is: 50 dynamites/bombs/drops instead of 5 for each level (Don't mind the counter label). Play Now!
Necronator Cheat is: Souls "money" And Mana - No unit limit - No cool-down time on units or spells - NOTE: Mana hack starts after tutorial or you can abort tutorial either or! " HIGHSCORES DISABLED " Also see note below! Play Now!
Nail It Cheat is: Infinite life Play Now!
CrunchBall 3000 Cheat is: Money - Click the button at the bottom of the screen..MAY HAVE TO REFRESH THE SCREEN TO LOAD ! IF YOUR GAME KEEPS SAYING UNDEFINED, GO TO OPTIONS AND CLICK RESET SAVE DATA. Play Now!
Ancillary Cheat is: Infinite money,health,LaserAim,power, precision,velocity and capacity Play Now!
Nuclear Bike 2 Cheat is: You can't die - Unlimited nitro (using it gives you more). If you think the game is easy try playing it unhacked. Play Now!
Strategy Defense Cheat is: set money, set turn, set level, set stats, set exp Play Now!
Book of Mages 2 Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 - Add 100 to your Health, Mana & Special; 2 - Unlimited Skill Points; 3 - Instant Win your opponent. Play Now!
Kingdom of the Wind Cheat is: Lots of Health, Lots of experience points, Lots of mana, instant build and main castle has a longer shoot range. Play Now!
Chef of War Cheat is: Unlimited rage Play Now!
American Truck Cheat is: Infinite lives - Timer stopped. Play Now!
Station 38 Cheat is: Infinite Health and Fuel - Note: Let it load on the black screen Play Now!
Gate of Apocalypse Cheat is: Unlimited gold reward & Increased Health and mana from winning the first battle Play Now!
Battlegrounds Cheat is: 9999999 money and max power Play Now!
Ice Age Rampage Cheat is: Unlimited health - Lots of time for each level. Play Now!
Rock Band Roadie Cheat is: Timer doubled for both bikes Play Now!
Phrozen Flame RPG Cheat is: 1 million HP, 999999 MP, weaker bosses. Large flash file this one, it might take a while to download. Play Now!
Pink Archer Cheat is: Bow Power increased - All levels unlocked - Level score decreased - You get different bows after completing 4th,7th,10th,14th levels. Play Now!
Tank 2008 Cheat is: Infinite Health and 5 Millions Coins Play Now!
Glacier Rally Cheat is: All Bikes Unlocked Play Now!
War Spheres Cheat is: Free Upgrade Purchases Play Now!
Headshot 2 Cheat is: Health & Ammo hack Play Now!
Fishda Cheat is: There is only one hack in the game, it removes all possible ways of dying. Red fish cannot kill you. Hack only works on EASY (Madali), possibly Medium (Katamtaman) as conflictions were occuring. Play Now!
Wyzau Circle Tower Defense Cheat is: 999999 gold and a bunch of points to upgrade your towers after the first level! Play Now!
Let the Bullets Fly Cheat is: Unlimited bullets for each level (it will reach 0 but you can still shoot as much as you want). Note : the start game button will be active 10 seconds after the game is loaded. Play Now!
Halo Pistol Wiping 2.0 Cheat is: Health Play Now!
Slippery Parking Cheat is: Health & Timer Play Now!
Dirty Biker Cheat is: Press key 1 each level to add 10 lives each time you press it. Play Now!
Lemonade World Cheat is: 999999999999999 cash, 999999999999 lemons, ice, cups and sugar, 999999999 days Play Now!
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