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RawBawJaw Cheat is: Lives, Amount of missiles Play Now!
Juicy Fruit Gum: Greedy Pinatas Cheat is: Infinite health Play Now!
Kitchen Frenzy Cheat is: 10 min. to beat each level(sorry about before,because of the unlimited time bonus,you were stuck on level 1 for a long time!It's fixed now!) Play Now!
Black Knight Cheat is: King appeasing is much easier - lots more gold per person. Play Now!
Worm Land Cheat is: Worm health,big damage and points Play Now!
Trapped 4 Cheat is: 999999 Coins, 15 lives and 10,000 health Play Now!
Robot War Strategy Cheat is: Instant spawn, huge number of lives, most things cost 1, 999 upgrade points. Play Now!
Fire 3 Cheat is: Health,Faster reload & Money Play Now!
Classic Pong Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Light Heroes Cheat is: Money, StatPoints, Health, Mana, All Levels Unlocked. Play Now!
Ice Cream Parlour Cheat is: You need to earn $10 to get to the next level on every level. Play Now!
Undead Assault Cheat is: 999 Billion life, Exp, all items cost 1 Play Now!
F22 Fire in the Sky Cheat is: Infinite fuel, Missiles and Bombs - Health increased to 9999999999. Play Now!
People on my Lawn Cheat is: 100 of both magnets for each level + unlimited rockets. Play Now!
Grandpa Launcher Cheat is: Everything in the shop is free, fuel for all jetpacks doubledand 99 bullets for all weapons Play Now!
Pandemic 2 Cheat is: Evolution points Play Now!
Warrior Quest Cheat is: Xp, Stats Play Now!
Rocket Man Cheat is: Time Hack - Lucky Number 7 Play Now!
Toxie Radd Cheat is: Health, Grenades, Guns don't overheat, and all Guns have increased ROF from start ! Play Now!
Miami Speed Boat Cheat is: Unlimited Nitro Boost Play Now!
Cute Destroyer Cheat is: Money - All Weapons unlimited ammo & clipsize & Press H to add 500% more Health Play Now!
Motorcycle Tycoon Cheat is: Cash and shop time hack Play Now!
Dawn of the Zombies Cheat is: infinite ammo, infinite health, infinite cannons, all guns unlocked from the start, and the nuke and bomb shelter are both unlocked Play Now!
Sleepless Assassin Cheat is: Invincibility,spikes won't hurt you,infinite coins and start out wit 100 kills Play Now!
Fly Squirrel Fly 2 Cheat is: More money added, easy money earning and infinite rocket fuel. Play Now!
Hedgehog Launcher Cheat is: Money Hack - Some items have been modified for better performance. Play Now!
Air Typer Cheat is: Infinite Zapper Play Now!
Little Stars for Little Wars Cheat is: All levels unlocked - Start each level with a star that spawns 100 units per second. Play Now!
Hangman Extreme Cheat is: Timer x5 extended and no penalty for wrong letter Play Now!
Sni[p]r3 Apocalypse Cheat is: Game starts with 9999999999 money - Purchase gives more money - Health for base increased - Waiting for reloading is not necessary you can continuously shoot even it show 'reloading...' Play Now!
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