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Murloc Cheat is: Money hack, HP hack, Mana hack, Talent point hack, Critical hit hack, HP and Mana recharging hack Play Now!
Modern Tactics 2 Cheat is: Cheats Revealed,however one cheat is modified which makes you really strong (commander) Play Now!
Defense Fleet Cheat is: Money - 300 Max Units Play Now!
Defend Your Castle Cheat is: total kills 999999999 - spendable 999999999 - castle Health 10000000 - 900 followers - You start with a temple | archery range|demolition lab | workshop | mana pool | the mobs don't do like 2000x damage Play Now!
Pirates vs Ninjas TD Cheat is: Blood and Money Hack Play Now!
Wrath II Cheat is: Easier passwords: 1 to 6 - levels,satan - beat the satan,secret - some secret I guess,secret2 - same Play Now!
Vox Populi Vox Dei Cheat is: You can't die. Play Now!
We are Legend Cheat is: 99999999 Barricade-Strength, type in the cheats-box the code dirtymoney to get infinite money instead of $50.000 Play Now!
Mad Shark Cheat is: You will still survive even if you have no health or strength. You will need to eat things to keep up the speed,though. Play Now!
Agent Cool Cheat is: More lives and ammo added Play Now!
South Pole Aggressor Cheat is: All Levels Unlocked & Keyhacks: C to add $1000 & H to add 100 Health. Note that the labels of each will refresh after buying and placing a unit. Play Now!
Timmy the Caveman Cheat is: Health and money (bananas) hack. Play Now!
Executive Shootout 2008 Cheat is: Life Hack - Press Tab to bring up the cheat menu. Health Cheat: "iddqd" Life Cheat: "keen" Play Now!
Rick Dangerous Cheat is: Life, Bullets and Bombs Play Now!
Warriors Tribute Cheat is: Press help to get unlimited money and potions Play Now!
Nibasho Cheat is: All purchases add cash, no health hack but you can purchase as much health as you want. Play Now!
Red Plane Cheat is: Infinite Lives, Shop Items are only $250 & $300 "Ignore the Displayed Prices" 10 Bombs instead of 3 but now you can buy more if you want! Play Now!
GemCraft Cheat is: Upgrade Points, Score, Mana Hacks, No level requirement for skills. Play Now!
Pocket Rocket Cheat is: cash, health Play Now!
Color Wars Cheat is: Infinite lives(the only thing needed to hack). Play Now!
Doom Runner Cheat is: Shielding, Missiles and Energy Hack. Play Now!
Operation ZERO: Out-Mandy'd Cheat is: No cooldown for the grenades, you can now always throw them. Note: Right click - Play! Play Now!
Rave Rider Cheat is: Money hack: 10,000 Gold. More than enough to buy all upgrades from the start. Play Now!
Turn Based Battle Cheat is: Everything in the shop is free,infinite HP and MP Play Now!
Robot Dinosaurs that Shoot Beams When They Roar Cheat is: Infinite Lives Infinite Health Play Now!
Jammin Hamster Cheat is: Unlimited time to complete the puzzle Play Now!
CannonCrotch Cheat is: Lives, Grenades, Ammo, Start with machine gun, all following weapons also have unlimited ammo Play Now!
Turbo Cyborg Ninja X Cheat is: 30 arrows instead of 5 for each level Play Now!
Chaos War 3 Prolog Cheat is: Life after death, more MP added, and with any attack with your sword you get +999999999999 SP Play Now!
99 Bricks The legend of Garry Cheat is: Infintite lives, Undos, Discards, & Fast move abilities - 5 Brick Previews - 1000 Starting Bricks on all levels and modes.. Play Now!
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