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GunBot Cheat is: Start with some cash, all purchases add more and you are invincible. Play Now!
Grave Robber Cheat is: Infinite Lives and Continues Play Now!
Skate Race Cheat is: 100 Lives instead of 5 Play Now!
Plazma Burst 1.6 Cheat is: Infinite granades Play Now!
Medieval Gunpowder Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Unlimited special and ammo. If you play the last level, you have to play all levels again! Play Now!
Zombie Avenger Cheat is: 999999999 Health, 999999999 ammo for all guns Play Now!
CellCraft Cheat is: Everything cost 5 or less - Making slicers or DNA repairs are free - Move the Mitochondrion for 9999 ATP - Nucleus, Membrane, & Mitochondrion Health Increased - Sell lysosome or defensin for 50 units of NA, AA, FA, & G "LvL 4 & Up Only" -See Notes below! Play Now!
Indestruc2Tank Cheat is: Infinite Exp. Infinite Fuel. Infinite Jumps. Pause Time Disabled Play Now!
Mushroom Revolution Cheat is: cash,lives Play Now!
UFO Cheat is: Health hack and Ammo for all weapons! Play Now!
Animal Shelter Cheat is: Every item/upgrade/medicine is Free Play Now!
Angel Bothorius Cheat is: Unlim/Lim lives selection Play Now!
Luigi's Revenge Cheat is: Enemies give you health. Play Now!
The Farmer Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Xunmato Alpha Cheat is: 999999999 stat points, To get God-Mode you have to talk with the first guy, choose help me, then Cheats and type in God, then click the NEXT-Button Play Now!
Invasion 4 Cheat is: Infinite gold Play Now!
Sexy Slots Cheat is: Lots of money, increased max bet and more chances to win the jackpot. Play Now!
PhrozenFlame RPG II Cheat is: Increased health, Increased CP, Increased attack points, 5 Million Zyme, Increased Fire, Ice and Heal levels. Play Now!
Rugger Bugger Cheat is: Infinte Farts Play Now!
Transformers Truck Cheat is: Unlimited Time & You can pass a level even if you don't deliver any cargo Play Now!
Seed of Chucky - Target Practice Cheat is: Instead of 60 seconds you now have 999 seconds time Play Now!
Big Pixel Racing Cheat is: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Huge $ for each race, 5 extra nitrous after using your last one, shop items performances greatly increased, over 100 more traction, 200 more speed , and 1000 more boost, so after upgrading your nitro boost will last almost a whole lap.. Play Now!
Ultimate Lucha Battle Cheat is: 999999999 Points 999999999 Health Play Now!
Foxy Sniper 2 Cheat is: Infinite Experience Points (Money) Play Now!
My Pet Protector: Generation 2 Cheat is: Health,mana,strength,dexterity,constitution, wisdom,intelligence,charisma,every job is giving you infinite cash, materials, and no stress ! NOTE: You have to clear your internet cache for the new hacks to work! Play Now!
Ether of Magic Cheat is: 1000 Health - Start with an awesome deck & replaced the health & shield cards in the starting deck with attack cards. Play Now!
Medivoid Cheat is: You don't lose when the pointer is out of the borders (Health hack) Play Now!
Bar Defender Cheat is: Enemies add health,tons of money and purchases add money. Play Now!
Ricochet Kills: Players Pack Cheat is: Infinite Ammo Play Now!
Horse Rancher Cheat is: Infinite Money Play Now!
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