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Cobra City Games
Cobra City Cheat is: Unlimited Health Play Now!
City Siege Cheat is: Invincibility - Buying stuff gives you money - Using stars gives you stars. Play Now!
Super City 2 Cheat is: Money and Population Hack. More money and less population. Play Now!
Epic City Builder Cheat is: Start with 1000000 money instead of 20000. Play Now!
City Jumper - New York City Edition Cheat is: Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
City Encounter Cheat is: Press 1 for Infinite Cash & Press 2 for All Weapons infinite ammo. Play Now!
Super City 3 Cheat is: Money and Population hack Play Now!
DotVille Deluxe Cheat is: Cash,food hack,people are always happy,maximum buildings is set to 100 instead of 30,start with only 10 dots Play Now!
City Rain Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Kingdoms: Nobility Cheat is: All resources maxed Play Now!
City Jumper Cheat is: Infinite lives, Walk through the buildings, Increased Speed, Removed Annoying Music, Custom Music at intro. Play Now!
Sim Taxi: Bubble City Cheat is: Keyhacks: C to add $500 Cash, F to refill Fuel & H for infinite Health Play Now!
Head Shot Cheat is: Time, bullets and no reload hack Play Now!
Vice City Madness Cheat is: Invincibility, Infinite Bullet Time, Jump Height Increased, Laser Guide on every weapon, not just snipers, Start with minigun, Super Strength, Infinite Ammunition, Run Speed Increased, Toggle AI Status of enemies. Play Now!
Perim Protector Cheat is: Infinite Money hack Play Now!
Infectonator World Dominator Cheat is: All upgrades free Play Now!
Pizza Driver Cheat is: Health, fuel and money hack. Play Now!
Pizza City Cheat is: Unlimited gas, Money, pizza damage goes to 0 when you hit a building, getting towed or busted gives you money Play Now!
Big City Diner Cheat is: More money, faster cooking and reduced level goals. Play Now!
Rebuild Cheat is: Start with lots of food, all farms produce a lot, lots of houses per land, 90% of tasks take 1 hour (day) only, 100 morale and everything adds more. Play Now!
Shopping City Cheat is: Money and goal hack,buildings cost $1 To play:Right click > Play Play Now!
Rolf in the Big City Cheat is: Lives, Health, Speed, Jump power Play Now!
Demolition City Cheat is: More Time and Inf Lives Play Now!
Urban Plans Cheat is: Lots of cash Play Now!
Defence 2 - Beta Cheat is: Infinite money Play Now!
Gangstas Cheat is: Money and Health Hack Play Now!
American Firefighter Cheat is: Timer stopped - Once water filled, its enough for each level - Infinite lives - Forward & reverse speed increased Play Now!
Army of Destruction Cheat is: Health, all guns unlocked, ammo, score, cash Play Now!
Disruptive Ride Cheat is: All levels unlocked and unlimited lives. Play Now!
Truck City Cheat is: Unlimited health - A lot of time for each level. Play Now!
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