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Saucer Shootin Cheat is: You can not be abducted. Accuracy set to 100% no matter what so blast away to your hearts content. Play Now!
Adrenaline Supercars Cheat is: Infinite health Play Now!
Sonic RPG Ep 5 Cheat is: Infinite Hp, Infinite Mp, Infinite Ec Play Now!
Urban Sniper Cheat is: Bullets Hack - It's all you need Play Now!
Journey to the East Cheat is: Unlimited money and exp Play Now!
Deadly Neighbours Cheat is: Start with 35000 health instead of 35, 100 upgrade points and each level up gives you 20 more. Play Now!
Forest Warrior Cheat is: Infinite lives - Infinite bombs - Stamina increased to 999999999 - For new level you will have normal stamina after losing that u gain max stamina (ie., 999999999). Note: use left & right arrow keys to navigate, up arrow to jump, down arrow to duck, 'z' to throw bombs Play Now!
Street Fighter World Warrior 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Naruto Date Simulator Cheat is: Money, Skillpoints, Health, Chakra, Kunai and some others that i forgot Play Now!
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3 Cheat is: All guitars unlocked except for 2,less points needed to play the other songs...Note: When you press play wait for a while,it's a big game. Play Now!
Contra 20th Anniversary Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Park it! Cheat is: Unlimited time for all levels and modes Play Now!
Art Of War 2: Stalingrad Winters Cheat is: Unlimited Ammo and Grenades Play Now!
Jelly Castle Cheat is: Health for Castle and Character, Mana, Points, Timeout for spells Play Now!
Escape From Hell Towers Cheat is: Infinite Health and Ammo Play Now!
Docking Perfection 3 Cheat is: Time and lives Play Now!
Brink of Alienation Gold Edition Cheat is: Enemies give you health - Shooting gives you ammo (grenades) - Extra continues just in case. Play Now!
The Cupcake Crusades Cheat is: Upgrade points & Money in the battles. Play Now!
Days 2 Die 2 : The Other Side Cheat is: Life you & mercenaries , Ammo, Everything is free ! NOTE: Skipping the add will result in a frozen screen for a few seconds. Just give it a minute or so , then refresh if it doesn't load.. Play Now!
The World's Hardest Game 2 Cheat is: Can go through most walls, Coins at the endpoint and some levels removed. Play Now!
Cute Destroyer Cheat is: Money - All Weapons unlimited ammo & clipsize & Press H to add 500% more Health Play Now!
Evolution v0.9 Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Alien Craft Cheat is: Infinite Minerals - Barracks and Factory Allows You To Build Unlimited Units - Enemy Attacks Gives Your Units and Buildings Health ! Play Now!
Drift Runners Cheat is: Cash Play Now!
Defend Tower Defence Cheat is: 999999 Starting Points + All weapons unlocked Play Now!
Fishing Trip Cheat is: Press Space in the shop to add $1000 cash each press Play Now!
Stick Bang Cheat is: Lots of money and no weapons reload Play Now!
Mario Combat Cheat is: health, jump higher(the problem is, you still need to jump in walls, cause if i set it to too high its too hard to play) Play Now!
Machine Renegade Cheat is: More shield, lives and skill points added. Warning: Do not upgrade your walkspeed and the laserspeed too much, it would becomes unplayable :) Play Now!
Heavy Weapons Cheat is: Life, Lives, Money Play Now!
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