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Stickman Sam 3 Cheat is: Health, All Weapons, Infinite Ammo Play Now!
US Traffic Cheat is: 15 cars needed to clear out the level instead of 25 (Don't mind the label) Play Now!
Music in Motion Cheat is: Lives Hack - 999 Lives Play Now!
Mario Helicopter Cheat is: Unlimited Health Play Now!
Star Relic Cheat is: Everything's free - No Energy needed --- NOTE: Right click -> Play Play Now!
Dragon Fist 3 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Weapons on Wheels Cheat is: Everything's Free & Bigger Ammo Resupplier Play Now!
Undead Assault Cheat is: HP, Money and unlimited exploding potions. Play Now!
Towing Mania Cheat is: Infinite chances - Timer stopped. Play Now!
Elite Forces Jungle Strike Cheat is: All players invincible,all weapons have unlimited ammo and clip size,damage,range and accuracy increased Play Now!
Tower's Tactics 1: Throne Cheat is: All troops have unlimited health, Your Hero can do one - hit - KO on enemies Play Now!
You Da Fly Cheat is: 99999999 Lives Play Now!
Death Row Cheat is: stats,cash, other cheats: ness28(10000 cash),ollie29(refill stats), sidog27(not even a cheat) Play Now!
Docking Perfection 2 Cheat is: Damage hack and you have 777 secs to complete each level. Play Now!
Rocket Toilet Cheat is: Game loading fixed. All purchases give you money. You'll need a few shots but after that you'll be able to afford everything. Play Now!
Nuclear Bike 2 Cheat is: You can't die - Unlimited nitro (using it gives you more). If you think the game is easy try playing it unhacked. Play Now!
Ninja Hunter 2 Cheat is: Temple health increased and free upgrades Play Now!
Terra Strike Cheat is: Lots of HP for both units, 3x the AP, press key 1 to add 100 cash each time you press it. Play Now!
Mario Racing Tournament Cheat is: Lots of money, Quicker Acceleration speed, Faster overall speed and less gravity, which means you can jump higher. Play Now!
Tower Defence Cheat is: 999999999 money loads of damage for everything upgraded range 999999999 lives Play Now!
Tomorrow, When the War Began Cheat is: Invincible Wall,Money,All Weapons unlimited ammo,Infinite Grenades & Start with 100 kills. Play Now!
Exit Path Cheat is: Unlimited Flow Play Now!
Domino Fall 2 Cheat is: Unlimited Bombs for each level Play Now!
Parking Perfection 4 Cheat is: Damage Play Now!
Swords and Sandals Crusader (Fixed) Cheat is: Auto-beating the first level and gains lots of gold,traveling to lands gives you gold,all units unlocked,lots of skill points Play Now!
Bar Salvation Cheat is: Press G each time to add 100 gold. You might not see the number increase, but once you refresh it (collect tip from the tables) it will show the actual amount. Play Now!
The Classroom Cheat is: If you get caught you still pass the level Play Now!
Defense 1942 Cheat is: Money, 1000 instead of 25 Lives, & start with 200 Upgrade points ! Play Now!
Element Tower Defence Cheat is: 100 lives and 999999 money Play Now!
Monster Truck Cheat is: All trucks unlocked (don't mind the locks just pick them) and falling gives you health. Play Now!
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