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Office Rush Cheat is: More office-health and money added Play Now!
Elite Forces Southo Cheat is: character stats(money,lives,speed,aura) Play Now!
Zaphod and Aztec Cheat is: Time and number of things you have to capture Play Now!
Helicopter Game Cheat is: Fly through walls and the score is multiplied by 100 - If you fly out of the bottom of the screen the game will crash. Play Now!
Garden TD Cheat is: Money and health hack Note:To play Right click > Play Play Now!
Dragon Ball Z Platform Cheat is: Infinite energy and health - All stats increased except for speed - Unlimited coins Play Now!
4 Second Frenzy Cheat is: Unlimited lives on all modes. Play Now!
Acorn Defense Cheat is: Infinite Health and Cash Play Now!
Mario Flash v2 Cheat is: Start with lots of health - All enemies give you more. Play Now!
3000 AD Cheat is: Everything in the shop is free. No more overheating and everything is light as a feather. Play Now!
Booty Rider Cheat is: 99,999,999 Money Hack Play Now!
Hamster Ball: Advanced Tracks Cheat is: Keyhacks: "T" to add +100 seconds & "L" to add 10 lives Play Now!
Society: The Game Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, lots of time (999999 seconds instead of 18000). Play Now!
Element Tower Defence 2 Cheat is: 100 lives and 999999 money Play Now!
Survive and Risk Cheat is: Gain x5 more money after each level Play Now!
Garbage Man Cheat is: Timer hack. Play Now!
Downhill Snowboard 3 Cheat is: unlocked levels and suit Note: you might have local network problem Play Now!
Black Force Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Flash Halo CTF Cheat is: You can't lose health. Play Now!
Ragdoll Invaders Cheat is: Infinite Lives - Only thing to hack! Play Now!
Snowball Warrior Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Tennis Cheat is: Always win the match point! NOTE: not each individual serve point but the total match win point! And ignore the "Game Computer" Text you still get the point! Play Now!
Luminara Cheat is: Infinite lives & your awesome meter is full at the beginning! Play Now!
Dino Run Cheat is: DNA hacked, Bones hacked, Time Shifts hacked (press space when you get to 0) and all items in the shop are free. See below for in built game cheats. Play Now!
A Mother in FesterWood Cheat is: Key hacks : press key 1 to add 1 hp, key 2 to add 1 age (note game ends at age 30), key 3 to increase speed and key 4 to add 100 gold. Play Now!
BlueShift Cheat is: Key hacks - 1 - Invincibility , 2 - Full EMP charge Play Now!
Mario Poker Cheat is: $9000000 Starting cash instead of $1000 Play Now!
Bouncin Bop - All Episodes Cheat is: Lives, Invulnerability. When you complete one episode please click on the Episode Selector button to advance to the next episode. Play Now!
Penguins Attack 3 Cheat is: A lot of health, all levels unlocked, fast level up. Play Now!
Greyhound racer DX Cheat is: Money Play Now!
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