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Stinger Mission Cheat is: 99999999 HP and MP, all weapons are free Play Now!
Desert Buggy Cheat is: Loads of Cash to start with! Play Now!
GUNROX: Santa VS Elves Cheat is: Game timer doubled to reach the goal more easily,no reload for the bomb gun Play Now!
Chrome Wars Cheat is: Win 50 million dollars after each fight, and 18 hundred points on grit "health" & chrome on startup.. if you want - "Before you Start the Game" you can remove points from grit and chrome and use them on the other items instead.. Play Now!
Ancient Powers Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, using power points gives you more. Play Now!
Crop Defenders Cheat is: Lots of cash and all enemies are slower and don't do any damage----Note: Right click -> Play after you click Continue Play Now!
A Walk in the Park Cheat is: Dog is faster,man is lighter,man jumps,lower gravity Play Now!
Vindex Gladiator Cheat is: Health,mana,strength,defense,infinite points,mostly 1 hit KOs and enemies mostly misses,save option activated Play Now!
Gangster Mario Cheat is: Health hack, lives hack, ammo hack Play Now!
Pro Sniper Cheat is: Infinite time Play Now!
Beetle Wars Cheat is: Lots of cash,invincible bug and infinite power Play Now!
Rapid Fire 2 Cheat is: Infinite Misses Play Now!
Ultimate Defense Cheat is: Money, Health and Mana Hack Play Now!
Bubble Tanks Arenas Cheat is: Invincibility,Everything is free - No usage of Gun & Bubble Points,10000% Armor,High Speed for all Avatars,Best Tanks revealed & High Class! Play Now!
Dragon Wizard Cheat is: Invincibility,infinite gold and lives,every weapon is free,player moves a bit more faster Play Now!
Casino Roulette Cheat is: Infinity Money and max bet is 77777777 Play Now!
Goreland AS2 Cheat is: Way faster reload, More ammo, Slightly less gravity, Shotgun shoots 10 bullets at once, instead of five Weapon, slot 4 is destructive And more! Play Now!
In another chateau Cheat is: Speed, Crate shooting speed, Jump height Play Now!
Mecha Cat Destructo Cheat is: Invincible Play Now!
Explode some Zombies Cheat is: Infinite lives Play Now!
War of Cells Cheat is: Evolution Points hack Play Now!
Dark Legion 2 Cheat is: Life Hack and all items are unlocked. Play Now!
War of Money Cheat is: Everything is free & Unlimited lives Play Now!
Omega Box Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for GodMode ON/Q - OFF; 2 for Infinite Medals (money) & Score; 3 to Unlock All Achievements Play Now!
Commando 2: Attack of the Goblins Cheat is: Health, Gold Play Now!
Arny's Battle 2 Cheat is: Health, lives, all guns unlocked with lots of ammo. Play Now!
Redneck Pets Cheat is: Start with lots of cash. Play Now!
Ninja Glove Cheat is: Lives and Score Hack Play Now!
Bill Cosby Fun Game Cheat is: 9999 Camera, 9999 Pudding and 9999 Cash [You have to go to options and change the difficulty to medium, then back to easy or hard if you want the hack to work] Play Now!
Flash Empires Cheat is: 999999 gold, 999999 castle health. 999999 kills, 999999 castle skills Play Now!
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