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Early Man Wars Cheat is: Health,All weapons unlocked & infinite ammo Play Now!
Boxhead - The Zombie Wars Cheat is: Health and Ammo Hack Play Now!
Lethal Rpg Universe 2 Domination Cheat is: level hack, str hack, health hack, defence hack, level hack, magic hack, money hack, potions hack and more... Play Now!
Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Note : you may have to click Clear Data if they are locked to unlock them. Play Now!
Dots *Updated* Cheat is: All modes are unlocked and all the characters are unlocked on hard mode! Play Now!
Gravibounce Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
sonic stuck in mario world 2 Cheat is: 99999 lifes all worlds unlocked Play Now!
Zombie Waster Cheat is: You can shoot all your friends and it won't be game over. Play Now!
Defend Your Computer Cheat is: Doesn't heat up, lots of Money and Unlimited Health Activated. Play Now!
AstroFlyer Cheat is: Unlimited lives,start with 100 points,all stars give you x2 times bigger bonus Play Now!
Mud and Blood 2.2.0 Cheat is: Tactical Points Play Now!
Dry Fire Cheat is: Infinite Health, Lots of bombs and increased attack speed. Play Now!
Blind Ball Cheat is: Lives 999999999 Play Now!
Dragon Slayers 2 Cheat is: 999999999999 Castle-Health and 999999999999 Gold Play Now!
The Junk Yard Cheat is: Timer hack,more money gained and more score per finished level Play Now!
Zombie Rush Cheat is: 999999999999 MP, 999999999 of all weapons, faster MP regeneration Play Now!
US Traffic Cheat is: 15 cars needed to clear out the level instead of 25 (Don't mind the label) Play Now!
Smiley Gone Mad Cheat is: Grab a healthpack to get infinite health and lives - All Weapons Unlimited Ammo & Automatic Play Now!
Pace Maker Cheat is: Cash & Lives Play Now!
Zoo-Preme Accuracy Cheat is: Credits hack Play Now!
Race to Kill Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 to add $100 Cash; 2 to add 10 Lives; 3 to add 30 seconds to your mission Timer Play Now!
Escaped Cheat is: All purchases add money, last health upgrade is 2x the health. Using abilities gives you mana. Play Now!
Stunt Mountain Cheat is: 99 secs timeout Play Now!
Stribog Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for Infinite Health & 2 to add $1000 on each press Play Now!
Farm Mania (Demo) Cheat is: Every item is worth 999999999 Play Now!
Armor Hero Water Pursuit Cheat is: Invincible Play Now!
GSG9 Anti Terror Cheat is: Invincible,All Weapons Unlocked with Infinite Ammo & Double Damage Play Now!
Jenna Moonlight: Red Moon Destiny Cheat is: Money & Health for Jenna Play Now!
Bloodshed in the Big House That Blew Cheat is: You can't die and enough ammo to play through Play Now!
Monsters Ate My Neighbors Cheat is: All purchases and upgrades give you money (suns). Play Now!
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