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Cursor Storm Cheat is: Lives: 9999999 Play Now!
Legendary Hero Cheat is: Unlimited Skill and Stat points (using them doesn't take them away). Play Now!
Heli Racer Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
D Day In Normandy Cheat is: Infinite Health, ammo for guns, Zero Efficiency needed to continue, The bazookas won't fire until you get to the tank, pick up the orange warheads, I made them worth thousands !! Play Now!
Taco Fu Cheat is: 1 hit fills the power meter, enemies can't eat your taco. Play Now!
Hoverbot Arena Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Brute Wars 2 Cheat is: Inf Gold, Inf Skill exp, All animal start with lvl 50, Unless they are recruited, Some animals are hacked with PW points, Rhino, Doll and T-Rex. Play Now!
Super Manager Cheat is: $99,999,999, renamed 'June' to 'Magnite7' because that's when my birthday, Double the normal Time Limit, Bills is only $100 Play Now!
Star Racer Cheat is: Time Hack Play Now!
Crazy Cannon Cheat is: 5 Million Farts - Hold Space bar for maximum effect. Play Now!
The Great Soviet Union Cheat is: Enemies do no damage. Requested game, don't complain :) Play Now!
Prison Sniper Cheat is: Infinite bullets, All levels, All medals Play Now!
Shop Lifter Cheat is: Infinite Cash - All Weapons Have Unlimited Ammo ! Play Now!
LA Traffic Mayhem Cheat is: Level targets hack. Play Now!
Farm Fun Cheat is: A lot of money to start with! Play Now!
Bucking Bull Racing Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Arachnophilia Cheat is: Infinite web, gold web, double speed and infinite health. Play Now!
Tornado Ranch Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Air Defence 3 Cheat is: Cash:100000000000000, 150000 Health, 0.2 Sec reload speed, Extra flak damage Play Now!
Elemental Tower Defence Cheat is: Unlimited Money and Power. Play Now!
Over Web Cheat is: Infinite Webbing - No length hack it would be too easy! Play Now!
Elastoman Cheat is: Timer hack for all levels Play Now!
Crusher Cheat is: Unlimited Time & More Life added (not infinite since the game doesn't have a restart button after you turn over) Play Now!
Onslaught 2 Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Andagel Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
The Heist Cheat is: $999,999,999 and 999 Respect Play Now!
Night Of The 1000 Or So Zombies Cheat is: More Lives added Play Now!
Pizza City Cheat is: Unlimited gas, Money, pizza damage goes to 0 when you hit a building, getting towed or busted gives you money Play Now!
Samurai Defense Cheat is: 777777777 Money (no health as it will glitch) Play Now!
Go Home Ball Cheat is: Timer hack for all modes and levels Play Now!
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