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Melvins Run Cheat is: Infinite Lives, 99 turn lefts, 99 turn rights, 99 Bombs, 99 Bumbers and 99 Jumpers Play Now!
Bongo Boom Battlegrounds Cheat is: Gold,wood and food and other resources maxed,your units cause more damage Play Now!
Warfare TD Cheat is: Money and lives Play Now!
Break Out 2 Cheat is: All Missions unlocked - Life increased - Complete 1 mission to get lots of money to purchase the weapons - After completing each level you get 99999. Play Now!
Palisade Guardian Cheat is: Life, ammo, money - To play the game, right click and click play. Play Now!
Massive War Cheat is: Upgrade Points hack,pretty much all you need! Play Now!
Cube Me Christmas 2010 Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, unlimited fuel and ammo once you pick them um (flying gives you fuel, shooting doesn't take away ammo). Play Now!
Sexy Slots Cheat is: Lots of money, increased max bet and more chances to win the jackpot. Play Now!
Village of Nightmares Cheat is: Invincible Defense & All Buildings Free Play Now!
Last Moment Cheat is: Every Purchase/Upgrade/Unlock/Build/Repair is FREE & INSTANT! Play Now!
Rush Rush Choco Cheat is: Infinite Gifts Play Now!
Doomed Cheat is: Money, Ammo, Health, Armour. Do not buy health or armour from the store if you do not want them to reset. Play Now!
Castaway Cheat is: Health for you and pet - Money - Press keyboard #1 for lvl 25 for you and pet! Not Numpad 1, keyboard 1 Play Now!
Horse Racing Fantasy Cheat is: Unlimited Whips (Hold Space to Gain super speed) Play Now!
One Ton Boom Cheat is: 3X more health - Lives - EXP - All weapons unlocked - Ammo Play Now!
Chuck Norris in: Attack of the Massacre Ninjas Cheat is: 99999999 Health added Play Now!
GUNROX: Bomb that Chicken Cheat is: Game time extended,no reload for the bomb gun,more birds appearing and some them are going towards you! Play Now!
Shoot Cheat is: Grenades hack and health slightly increased Play Now!
Mouse In Danger Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Hungry are the Dead Cheat is: $99,999,999 Money Play Now!
Sim Taxi Cheat is: Fuel, Health, Money Play Now!
Ace Blackjack Cheat is: Lots of money Play Now!
Agony the Portal Cheat is: Invincible, No Spell Delay Time, 100 Skill and Attribute Points, All Skills available at level 0...NOTE: If the game don't load go back to the previous page and click the game again.. Worked for me, refreshing didn't seem to help.. Play Now!
Ultimate Round Cheat is: Loader fixed! Press H for Infinite Health. Note that the enemy needs to punch you so the bar refreshes. Play Now!
Mario Racing Tournament Cheat is: Lots of money, Quicker Acceleration speed, Faster overall speed and less gravity, which means you can jump higher. Play Now!
Tomato and Diamonds Cheat is: Unlimited time for each level Play Now!
The Battle Cheat is: Money, Health and Population Hack Play Now!
Beetle Wars Cheat is: Lots of cash,invincible bug and infinite power Play Now!
Rack A Node Cheat is: Start with unlimited cash. Play Now!
Primal Defence Cheat is: Unlimited lives and slower enemies Play Now!
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