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Endless Migration Cheat is: Read the How To Play completely to get infinite upgrade points,reach the first goal to get infinite achievement points Play Now!
City of the Dead Cheat is: 999999999 cash, no build time Play Now!
Honey Tree Defense Cheat is: Honey (money),health (do not upgrade it),more damage caused Play Now!
Super Chick Sisters Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
Xmas Meltdown Cheat is: 999 lives Play Now!
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Cheat is: Everything is free! Play Now!
Castle Cat 3 Cheat is: Lots of maces, and cannon shots and high score (which is also money). Play Now!
Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket Cheat is: 999 Skill points Play Now!
Effing Worms Cheat is: Press " H " to toggle Health On / Off & Press " Shift " for instant Rampage! Play Now!
Bar Salvation Cheat is: Press G each time to add 100 gold. You might not see the number increase, but once you refresh it (collect tip from the tables) it will show the actual amount. Play Now!
UFO Cheat is: Health hack and Ammo for all weapons! Play Now!
Police Sniper Cheat is: No Player -Damage, more Health added and no police car-damage Play Now!
Max Dirt Bike 2 Cheat is: All 30 levels unlocked Play Now!
Missile Game 3D Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Zombie Exploder Cheat is: More Stamina added Play Now!
Hive Hero Cheat is: Key hacks - press key 5 for invincibility. Key 6 to unlock all guns. Key 7 to have unlimited ammo for the current gun. Play Now!
Penguinz Cheat is: ammo,health,cash Play Now!
Detroit Slum Lord Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Tangerine Panic Cheat is: 1000 lives and the things he says. Play Now!
Firing Rage Cheat is: Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press R to Reload. Press Space to change you weapon. Play Now!
Playing with Fire 2 Cheat is: unlimited bombs, blast length, can kick bombs from the start Play Now!
'Dam to the 'Ham Cheat is: Timer and award hack Play Now!
The Lost Warrior Cheat is: health hack, damage hack,ammo hack(for the second gun enemy is using it too it have 0 damage so i wont let u use it),lives hack, score hack Play Now!
Tomb Digger Cheat is: More lives added Play Now!
Robokill Trainer - Demo Cheat is: Infinite Money on first money pickup - Highest Level on first level up! - READ NOTE! Play Now!
Shift 4 Cheat is: Timer increased, Spikes don't kill you, Still able to restart level Play Now!
Super Bobby World Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Frontline Defense 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health - Every tower in battle is free (buying & moving) - Free Upgrades in the War-Mart - All Missions & Special Sniper Missions unlocked (mouse over). Play Now!
Guts 'n' Glory Cheat is: More Energy added, higher energy-bonus from Cosmo, one-hit kill on the most of them Play Now!
Speed Busters Cheat is: Car Health Hacked Play Now!
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