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Ben 10 Ultimate Moto 2 Cheat is: The Special Bike is unlocked after beating the first level Play Now!
Count Down 35 Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for +500 money, 2-Health & Mana recharge, 3-Ammo recharge, 4-All Specials Ready (click to activate them). Play Now!
Drunkn Puke Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Hamster Ball: Advanced Tracks Cheat is: Keyhacks: "T" to add +100 seconds & "L" to add 10 lives Play Now!
Pico's Ludo Vengeance Cheat is: Press A to unlock and reveal All items and easter eggs Play Now!
Enduro 3 - The Junkyard Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Monolith Guardians Cheat is: A lot of money, you cant die, unlimited rage. Play Now!
Lethal Racing Cheat is: Health doubled,every upgrade is free and frozen timer Play Now!
Maze of Darkness Cheat is: Move faster so you can go through walls and got rid of some red enemies. Play Now!
Space Invaders Cheat is: 1337 Lives, A first row ship gives 1000 points, Second row ship = 2000 pts, Third row = 4000pts. Play Now!
Taz Man Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Penguin Salvage 2 Cheat is: Unlimited Fireballs & Penguins don't ever die Play Now!
Gunny Bunny 2 Cheat is: You can not die Play Now!
Arcane Cheat is: Money and Now a Health hack, you can turn it on or off if you don't want it.. Hack buttons under the game, if you don't see them refresh or restart the game until you do ! Play Now!
D'Sova RPG Cheat is: A lot of money, only 1 exp to level up, damage hack (works only after level 6), health and magic. Play Now!
SteppenWolf (Chapter 2 - Episode 3) Cheat is: Life hack Play Now!
Emo Vs. Happiness Cheat is: Enemies give you health (note : your health will go down a bit when you start). Play Now!
Back to School Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Max Mesiria RPG Chapter 3 Cheat is: HP hack, Tech hack, Money hack NOTE: Tech and Alchemy are two completely different things in the game! Play Now!
Kitten Cannon Cheat is: Zero Gravity! More Fun! (Or for people with and IQ of -50, that means you can only gain speed, and the only way of dying is on a death spike / Venus fly-trap) Play Now!
Angel Falls Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Nightstrike Cheat is: Base health hack and most of the upgrades cost $1 Play Now!
Cyberfish Cheat is: Fuel & Shield hack - Ship will not be destroyed when hitting obstacles - Ghost mode. Play Now!
Budapest Defenders Cheat is: Health, Money Play Now!
Cargo Bridge Cheat is: No money needed to build. Your Money will go into the negative value..So basically infinite money.. Play Now!
Touch the Bubbles 3 Cheat is: Press key 1 for infinite lives Play Now!
Mecharon Cheat is: Key Cheats: m - all weapons | k - skip map | h - heal | del - kill all units | p - freeze-unfreeze bullets Play Now!
Chicken Jockey Cheat is: Money Hack, Right click and then click play to get into game. Play Now!
Eirik Cheat is: Money, attributes, castle health and runes Play Now!
Endless Migration Cheat is: Read the How To Play completely to get infinite upgrade points,reach the first goal to get infinite achievement points Play Now!
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