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Mario Zone Cheat is: Dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Human Centipede: The Game Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Bow Shooting Cheat is: Unlimited time to complete each level. Play Now!
Kill Gore Cheat is: Infinite Ammo, Infinite Health and Infinite Rage Play Now!
Shopping Cart Hero Cheat is: 5 Million cash Play Now!
Chicken Escape Cheat is: Press L each time to add 5 extra lives. Play Now!
Save the Sheriff Cheat is: Health - Giant Sheriff - Forcefield - Ammo - Gold - Day select - NOTE: Hack buttons under game, if you don't see them refresh or reload page until you do! Play Now!
Sonny 2 Version 2.2 Cheat is: Unlimited cash, unlimited ability points and 999999999 attribute points. Play Now!
Mad Trucker Cheat is: Get infinite cash at the first enter at the shop! Play Now!
Absolute Madness Cheat is: 999999 Health and 999999999999 Score Play Now!
Millie Megavolte Cheat is: Infinite Health/Anger Play Now!
WhiteBoard war Cheat is: Infinite Health - No overheat gun - 70 instead of 30 bombs ! Play Now!
Runestone Arena Cheat is: Start with unlimited gold on every mode Play Now!
Octopost Cheat is: Purchases add money. You will need around 5 solid launches to collect enough money for an upgrade. Play Now!
Valiance Cheat is: Invincible, Start with 999999999 coins, infinite rotations Play Now!
Punk-O-Matic 2 Cheat is: Huge Amount of Money & lots of Fans Play Now!
Mini Monster Challenge 2 Cheat is: All challenges & Trucks unlocked Play Now!
Phage Wars 2 Cheat is: AI sends 10% of a cells unit , you send 80% .. So the max the AI can send from one cell is 10 units to your 80.. Play Now!
Tank Attack Cheat is: Infinite gold and more damage Note:Right click>Play a few times Play Now!
Chicken Adventure Cheat is: All Upgrades Free Play Now!
TCT RPG Cheat is: Lots of money, lots of health, and increased abilities. Play Now!
Fifty Two Cheat is: Press Space to add 10 seconds to the Timer Play Now!
Red Plane Cheat is: Lives and Bombs ----------- w,a,s,d, move j-shoot, - k-bombs Or change in options to up,down,left,right, and a,s, Play Now!
Bomber Bob Cheat is: Ship & Plane are indestructable Play Now!
Eight Defenders - Original Cheat is: 999999999 Money and 999999999 Lives Play Now!
Firing Rage Cheat is: Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Press R to Reload. Press Space to change you weapon. Play Now!
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Cheat is: Everything is free! Play Now!
Anti TD Cheat is: Money hack, Infinite lives for all robots, Speed hack (only a little bit of extra speed if it went to high they wouldn't follow the arrows), For every step a robot takes you get 999.999 extra score and money Play Now!
Counter Strike Flash Cheat is: No Player-Damage Play Now!
X227 - The Game Cheat is: Health and infinite ammo for all weapons Play Now!
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