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Color Wars Cheat is: Infinite lives(the only thing needed to hack). Play Now!
Touch the Bubbles 3 Cheat is: Press key 1 for infinite lives Play Now!
Destroy all Cars Cheat is: All cars unlocked, win level no matter what percent you get ! Play Now!
The Crusher Cheat is: Upgrade Points & Keyhacks: N for Instant Nitro & E to end the level Play Now!
Bearbound Cheat is: You don't lose health. Play Now!
Lead for Dead (Christmas Edition) Cheat is: Hack updated: enemies give you health, faster player health regeneration,unlimited gold, all weapons start out with 500 ammo and magazines. Note : grenades still harm you so be careful with them. Play Now!
Rock and War Cheat is: All units unlocked. Play Now!
Thor Towers Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Cheat is: Health and Time Play Now!
Fishi2 Cheat is: A lot of cash Play Now!
Traffic Trouble Cheat is: 100 Lives instead of 3 -Vehicle Stress Time Lowered Greatly! Play Now!
The Tickler Cheat is: Health Always 10000, 1 million dollars start money, and Zombie Mash unlocked ! MAY TAKE AWHILE TO LOAD. Play Now!
Mico Dungeon Cheat is: Increased Points.. Set all attributes to 5.. More HP.. increased XP.. more medicine and potions Play Now!
Youda Farmer -2 Cheat is: All in game and level purchases add money. Note : if your game gets stuck after level 3 refresh the page and continue from level 4. After you finish it you'll be able to buy all the map pieces. Play Now!
Absolute Madness Cheat is: Neo powers,jump, dodge all bullets Play Now!
Fortress Guardian 2 Cheat is: Health, Ammo, All Weapons, Rapid Fire , And Points... Hack buttons under game, if you don't see them refresh or reload the page until you do! Play Now!
Action Driving Game Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Death VS Monstars Cheat is: Everything is free, infinite money, 5 times more health, express healing. Play Now!
Demolish Truck 2 Cheat is: Keyhacks: L for Infinite Lives & H for Health (you need to press it for every level) Play Now!
Galactic Invaders Cheat is: No Build Limit - Instant Units Spawn ! Play Now!
Toxie Radd 2 Cheat is: Health , Money, Ammo, Vials, No Grenade limit, Weak Barricades and Huge Ammo and Cash bonus Pickups ! Note: One of the pickups give you 9999 of all grenades, No need in buying alot you will pick them up.. Play Now!
Surf Quest Cheat is: x5 More Time & Infinite lives Play Now!
Rage Arena Cheat is: Cash, 1 kill to level up, Unlimited rage after killing an enemy. Play Now!
City Encounter Cheat is: Press 1 for Infinite Cash & Press 2 for All Weapons infinite ammo. Play Now!
Secret of Life Flower: Part II Cheat is: Infinite ammo and no reloading Play Now!
Turbo Crew Cheat is: Take shield once and it will be active for the entire level - Health increased. Play Now!
Parg Cheat is: Infinite Hero and City-Health, infinite ammo Play Now!
Gear Hero Cheat is: Money & Crystals Play Now!
RotatSpin Cheat is: A to teleport, Hold A to mouse vac Play Now!
Prizma Puzzle 2 Cheat is: Infinite moves hack Play Now!
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