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Ninja Glove Cheat is: Lives and Score Hack Play Now!
Stick Hero Idle 3 Cheat is: Health hack, SC (money) hack Play Now!
Robo Farmer Cheat is: Money, Lives, Health and Amour Hacked - Also you have no reload time. Play Now!
Indestructo Tank Cheat is: Fuel Hack Play Now!
Zombie Slayer Cheat is: Health Hack Play Now!
Cursor*10 Cheat is: 999 cursor life Play Now!
Double Edge Cheat is: Upgrade Points, Health. Please click on the plus button on the top right hand side of the screen to load and activate hacks. Play Now!
Higher Cheat is: Infinity Money Play Now!
Three Blind Mice Cheat is: Lives hack & x2 more time on Time Attack mode Play Now!
Gentleman vs Gargoyles Cheat is: Experience points and faster regeneration Play Now!
Bobbys Not So Average Adventure Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Sift Heads World 2 Cheat is: Cash - Ammo - Magazine - Cheats Function Modified - SEE NOTE! Play Now!
1 Will Survive Cheat is: Gold, Base Health, Unit Limit Play Now!
Goreland AS2 Cheat is: Way faster reload, More ammo, Slightly less gravity, Shotgun shoots 10 bullets at once, instead of five Weapon, slot 4 is destructive And more! Play Now!
WWII Defense - Invasion Cheat is: Cash and health hack. Play Now!
Memoir Text Adventure Cheat is: stats, relationship stats, money Play Now!
Doodle Defender Cheat is: Infinite Ships, Prices change to $1 & Infinite money Play Now!
Mario Tower Cheat is: Lots of coins "money" and lives. Play Now!
Yan Loong Legend 2 Cheat is: Infinite Power and Lives - 999999 stat points - 1000000 starting exp "So you will level up 25 times very quickly" Play Now!
Mars 2180 Cheat is: Press H to add 100 Health - Press G to add 1000 Gold & Press S to add one Star Play Now!
The Breach Cheat is: Health - Weapon Damage & ROF Increased - Level up to max level 20 with just 2 kills! Play Now!
Pico of the Dark Ages Cheat is: Health and Lives Hack Play Now!
Cooties Cheat is: Inf health, All Weapons And Hand Damage Have Been increased Play Now!
Strategy Defense 2 Cheat is: set money set turn set level set stats set exp Play Now!
Throw Cheat is: Player cannot die Play Now!
Storm Winds: The Lost Campaigns Cheat is: Money and upgrade points hack Play Now!
Heavy Weapons Cheat is: Life, Lives, Money Play Now!
WhiteBoard war Cheat is: Infinite Health - No overheat gun - 70 instead of 30 bombs ! Play Now!
Demonic Defence 4 Cheat is: Money, Health and Point Hack Play Now!
Metal Slug 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
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