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Dragon Wizard Cheat is: Invincibility,infinite gold and lives,every weapon is free,player moves a bit more faster Play Now!
Evil Nights Cheat is: Infinite Money by mistermigster Play Now!
Remnant Lost Legacy Cheat is: Infinite ammo for all weapons,a little more damage Play Now!
Rush Rush Choco Cheat is: Infinite Gifts Play Now!
Telekinetic Eric Cheat is: Unlimited lives and moves and more points gained by finished level Play Now!
Eternal Battle Cheat is: Press 1 key for Infinite Gold! No other hacks because I just can't find the right variables Play Now!
Keep It Kool! Cheat is: Infinite money and infinite water to spray everyone with! Play Now!
Red Plane Cheat is: Infinite Lives, Shop Items are only $250 & $300 "Ignore the Displayed Prices" 10 Bombs instead of 3 but now you can buy more if you want! Play Now!
Gladiator Castle Wars Cheat is: 10000000 Gold, Changed messages, Changed Enemy Stats and Changed prices Play Now!
Motocross FMX Cheat is: Stunt Energy is constant - More height with every jump. Play Now!
Robot War Cheat is: Robot is invincible Play Now!
The Haunted House Cheat is: More money per zombie. Play Now!
Bat Outta' Hell Cheat is: Health and energy, you can' die. Play Now!
Sucka Swing Cheat is: Money & Start with a few shoes Play Now!
CopterCrasher Cheat is: x5 More Health - Note: After you're dead, Right click-Play to restart Play Now!
Battle Over Berlin 2 Cheat is: Lives,bombs,health extended,all weapons shoot x5 faster and are more efficient Play Now!
Arsenal 2: The Romanov Files Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, purchases give you points, shooting takes away no ammo (except on mission 3.5 where you have to shoot the tire and the guy will walk out of the car). Play Now!
Micro Tanks Cheat is: Press H to add 10% to your health & Press W for instant Win Play Now!
Armed With Wings Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Toast of War Cheat is: Health and Lives Hack Play Now!
Electric Man 2 Cheat is: Higher batterychargingrate and much much more health Play Now!
Fuzzy McFluffenstein Cheat is: Combos have a lot more time. Play Now!
Pest Attack Cheat is: Your lives don't change! Play Now!
Bot Arena 3 Cheat is: No max weight, Gain money from buying items, Get new Weapons, Fire rate and win 999999 credits each win. Play Now!
Lord of War Chapter 2 Cheat is: Money and lives hack Play Now!
Biomess Cheat is: Invincibility,Ammo & Clip Size hack Play Now!
The Farmer Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Hit and Run Cheat is: Infinite wickets but overs & balls are kept default as in game. Play Now!
Backyard Sale Cheat is: Unlimited Time & Tips for each level Play Now!
Flying Spaghetti Monster Cheat is: 10x the time. Play Now!
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