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Kill Kenny Cheat is: Your lives don't change! Play Now!
GunBot Cheat is: Start with some cash, all purchases add more and you are invincible. Play Now!
Bubba Time Cheat is: Invincible player. Play Now!
Bloody Pacman Cheat is: 999 Lives Play Now!
Mega Fortress Cheat is: Infinite money,everything cost $1 at the beginning Play Now!
Combat Tournament Cheat is: Press key W to have full health and special. Press it as often as you need. Play Now!
Galactic Hunter Cheat is: Key hacks : press key M to add 10000 cash, key N to add 10 Special Points and key H to heal yourself and have a very high health regen rate. Note : you'll see a white screen for a few seconds once you click pay. Play Now!
Rauska Slug Cheat is: Life after Death and Infinite grenades! Play Now!
The Dominator Cup Cheat is: Overs increased from 10 to 12, Infinite wickets. Play Now!
Black 2 Cheat is: Infinite Ammo And Health. Play Now!
Flying Steel Cheat is: !! DON'T PICKUP HEALTH BONUS !! If you do , your health will go back to "default value" of 1500 - - - HACKS- Infinite Health, hundreds of nukes, Weapon upgrades last to end of level! Play Now!
Action Sword Cheat is: Health (don't mind the bar) & Fireballs Play Now!
Alien Invasion 2 Cheat is: Money - 1000 max units and objects - No wait time on anything - All modes unlocked Play Now!
Sinjid Battle Arena Cheat is: Speed Hack (DO NOT SAVE) ,Money and EXP Points after the first battle. Play Now!
Adventures of James Bomb Cheat is: 999999999 Lives, 999999999 Bombs, 999999999 Power Play Now!
Agent Cool Cheat is: More lives and ammo added Play Now!
Darkness Springs Defense Cheat is: Lots of gold for every level Play Now!
Wing Men Cheat is: Money and No recharge time. Play Now!
Sixty Seconds To Live Cheat is: 1 Day to live instead of 60 seconds! Play Now!
Mushroom Madness Cheat is: lower upgrade cost, upgrades are unlocked earlier Play Now!
Valet Parking Cheat is: Extended timer and unlimited cash Play Now!
Final Sustenance Cheat is: Health and attack hack Play Now!
Spyke Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Choose Your Weapon 4 Cheat is: Infinite Health and All Ammo. - NOTE: DO NOT PICK UP HEALTH! Play Now!
Metal Slug 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Defend your Mom 2 Cheat is: Infinite Bullets and Starting-Cash of $2000 instead of $100 Play Now!
Crash Bandicoot Flash Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Summoner Saga chapter 6 Cheat is: HP, MP and SP Play Now!
Sift Heads World 2 Cheat is: Cash - Ammo - Magazine - Cheats Function Modified - SEE NOTE! Play Now!
Big Pixel Racing Cheat is: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Huge $ for each race, 5 extra nitrous after using your last one, shop items performances greatly increased, over 100 more traction, 200 more speed , and 1000 more boost, so after upgrading your nitro boost will last almost a whole lap.. Play Now!
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