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Jump for Coins 3D Cheat is: Timer and score hack Play Now!
Sift Heads World 5 Cheat is: Unlimited Cash, All weapons have unlimited Ammo and Clip. Play Now!
Dry Fire Cheat is: Infinite Health, Lots of bombs and increased attack speed. Play Now!
Cyber SWAT Cheat is: Unlimited Hull (health),Lives (just in case) & Mission codes (anime,fahrenheit) Play Now!
Zombie Racing Cheat is: 100 Attribute Points Per race - Player Health - AI opponents can't use nitrous - Win Race no matter what place you get Play Now!
UFO Mania Cheat is: Lives, All levels unlocked Play Now!
Kill Gore Cheat is: Infinite Ammo, Infinite Health and Infinite Rage Play Now!
Timmy the Caveman Cheat is: Health and money (bananas) hack. Play Now!
Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh Cheat is: 999999 Lives Play Now!
Tank 2008 Cheat is: Infinite Health and 5 Millions Coins Play Now!
Final Fantasy Flash RPG Cheat is: 9999999 Health Play Now!
Park A Lot 2 Cheat is: 5000 timer Play Now!
20,000 Feet and Falling Cheat is: Infinite time + nitro. Play Now!
The World's Hardest Game Cheat is: No walls; No enemies can be toggled on/off. Speed hack. Skip level hack. Play Now!
Cannonman Cheat is: Upgrade points and total score hack Play Now!
Exit Path Cheat is: Unlimited Flow Play Now!
Alien Craft Cheat is: Infinite Minerals - Barracks and Factory Allows You To Build Unlimited Units - Enemy Attacks Gives Your Units and Buildings Health ! Play Now!
Pepe Pillz 2 Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
People on my Lawn Cheat is: 100 of both magnets for each level + unlimited rockets. Play Now!
Mahjong- WoW Connect v1.4 Cheat is: 10x the time for each level - Using shuffles and hints gives you more. Play Now!
House of Lost Souls Cheat is: Unlimited lives Play Now!
Electric Man 2 Cheat is: Higher batterychargingrate and much much more health Play Now!
The Pulpifier Cheat is: You have now 6 minutes instead of 2 Play Now!
Truck Mania Cheat is: 10 Times more health - Very Strong Chains - All 4 trucks unlocked - All levels unlocked! Play Now!
Wanted Cheat is: Infinite Car-Health Play Now!
This Bunny Kills 4:FUN Cheat is: Unlimited health and energy Play Now!
Glorious Cocktails Cheat is: Lots of points - Lots of ammo after you buy the weapons. Put in cheat JUMPY if you want the people to jump when hit. Play Now!
Burger Jam Cheat is: roflmao987:Your goal is set to 0(it says undefined,but trust me,it's actually 0). selectLOL:Customers are always happy. Play Now!
Survival Lab Cheat is: Speed, Jump, Jump Height, Health, EXP Points, Initial Combo, All Upgrades Completed Play Now!
Artillery Tower Cheat is: Money, Life, Ammo, Infinite Ammo and air strikes Play Now!
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