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Fly Hard Cheat is: 5000 each instead of 100-500 for the blue, green, and red diamonds! Note: I believe this makes for better game play! If you must totally cheat then click "reset progress" on the bottom left for 99999999! Play Now!
Forest Warrior Cheat is: Infinite lives - Infinite bombs - Stamina increased to 999999999 - For new level you will have normal stamina after losing that u gain max stamina (ie., 999999999). Note: use left & right arrow keys to navigate, up arrow to jump, down arrow to duck, 'z' to throw bombs Play Now!
Super Mario Sunshine 64 Cheat is: Lives, 4x health, Unlimited water, Unlimited Power - NOTE: Right Click -> Play Play Now!
Goosehead Racing Cheat is: Lots of cash Play Now!
Arny's Ancient Battle Cheat is: Health, lives, rockets. Play Now!
Da Club Cheat is: Money Hack, 99999 Visitors, Days Hack, 99999 Rep, You dont need to buy anything the TVs and things are already added to 999999999/999999999 level. Play Now!
Elemental Turret Defence Cheat is: Money, Money, Money. Play Now!
Bubble Trouble Cheat is: 999 lives Play Now!
Cyber Ryder Cheat is: Complete level 1 to unlock the cool bike Play Now!
The ultimate stickman fighting game experience Cheat is: You can add point infinitive gauge point and add a lot of point at infinity Play Now!
GUNROX: Santa VS Elves Cheat is: Game timer doubled to reach the goal more easily,no reload for the bomb gun Play Now!
Farm Mania (Demo) Cheat is: Every item is worth 999999999 Play Now!
Refuel Rampage Cheat is: Lives and score hack Play Now!
Street Style Parking Cheat is: You can't crash anywhere - Invincible Play Now!
Jedi vs Jedi Blades of Light Cheat is: Infinite Energy Play Now!
Agent Cool Cheat is: More lives and ammo added Play Now!
Stick Strike Cheat is: Invincibility,infinite ammo and clip size,no reload,all weapons with increased range,damage and accuracy Play Now!
Shopping Cart Hero 2 Cheat is: Everything is free! Play Now!
Magnet Towers Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
Bobbys Not So Average Adventure Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Gilera Runner Cheat is: Much more time to finish the levels Play Now!
Sentinels of Mijil Cheat is: Lives, Bombs + No bomb wait time, Tech Points, System Integrity Time Frozen ! Play Now!
Pimp Nietsche Cheat is: 100 days instead of 31 and more cash added Play Now!
Galactic Cab Cheat is: Unlimited tries,more fuel and now you spawn at the place you crashed Play Now!
Mario Ride Cheat is: All levels unlocked, dying gives you lives. Play Now!
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Cheat is: Health and Time Play Now!
The Haunted House Cheat is: More money per zombie. Play Now!
Age Of War Cheat is: Infinite Gold, Infinite XP, Infinite Special Attacks and Instant Training Play Now!
Orc Slayer 2 Cheat is: 999999999 Health 999999999 Cash Play Now!
Tasty Planet Cheat is: No time limit. Play Now!
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