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Richonet Kills Cheat is: Unlimited shots to finish each level Play Now!
Dune Bashing In Dubai Cheat is: Racing time doubled and more lives added Play Now!
Snowmageddon Cheat is: Every gun and upgrade cost nothing,all weapons unlocked with infinite ammo and clip size Play Now!
Bitter Pill Part 1: The Twisted Stomach Cheat is: Health increased to max - Some Bugs cant die(default in game) don't waste time with them. Play Now!
Ninja Bolt Cheat is: Unlimited Powah after picking up a ring (energy for attacks and jumps) Play Now!
Box Dodge Fury Cheat is: Unhittable character (Can be toggled ON/OFF with SHIFT), Fly hack (Can be toggled ON/OFF with CTRL(Control) and then use up&down arrow to control height, Score hack(Can be toggled ON/OFF with CAPSLOCK) Play Now!
Alloy Arena Cheat is: Invincible transformer,all picked up weapons last x2 longer and more points per kill Play Now!
Anti Pacman Cheat is: 99999999 Lives Play Now!
Armor Trigger 2 Cheat is: Health, you don't loose a life and points. It says that you have 0 points, but you have only to click "buy". Play Now!
Rebuild Cheat is: Start with lots of food, all farms produce a lot, lots of houses per land, 90% of tasks take 1 hour (day) only, 100 morale and everything adds more. Play Now!
KGB Hunter Cheat is: Car Health Hack! Play Now!
Luminara Cheat is: Infinite lives & your awesome meter is full at the beginning! Play Now!
Clash'N Slash: Worlds Away Cheat is: Invincible ship and planet,all guns and upgrades from the full version unlocked,upgrade points,doubled ammo for all weapons,reload time decreased Play Now!
Monolith Guardians Cheat is: A lot of money, you cant die, unlimited rage. Play Now!
Drift Runners Cheat is: Cash Play Now!
Assassin Sigma Cheat is: Health hack. Play Now!
Samurai Asshole - Sneak Preview Cheat is: 99999999 Health added Play Now!
Frantic Cheat is: No Death, Upgrades are Free Play Now!
Dynasty War Cheat is: Upgrades, Specials, Attacks and everything cost no gold or mana. Play Now!
Budapest Defenders Cheat is: Health, Money Play Now!
Sword and Sandals 2 Cheat is: Note: Please dont set the character level above '50'. Set Skillpts, Set Magika, Set Attack, Set Strength, Set Defence, Set Agility, Set Vitality, Set Charisma, Set Stamina, Set Score, Set Gold, Set Level, Infinity Health, Infinity Energy Play Now!
Worm Warrior Cheat is: Press Space to skip to the next level Play Now!
Hold Your Ground Cheat is: 9999 building blocks for all levels! IMPORTANT: See Note Below! Play Now!
Invasion 3 Cheat is: Infinite Gold (99999999) Play Now!
Drift Runners 2 Cheat is: All levels unlocked, extras unlocked, Start race with full nitrous, nitrous fills back to 95% after using, All vehicles unlocked and upgraded to level 3 "I am letting you earn the last one!" Play Now!
Balloon in a Wasteland Cheat is: Health and stamina increased,lots of cash,all weapons and weapon upgrades are unlocked and free,all weapons have increased clips sizes with super-fast reload,you get the highest killings ranks for every next kill Play Now!
Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Cheat is: Structure health and skill points hacked Play Now!
Battle Gear 2 Cheat is: Infinite Money, Infinite Exp, Game Level 21 Military Power 99, Create up to 999 units at one time and Units (life) 999 Play Now!
A Typical Wednesday Afternoon Cheat is: Lives,specials and ship speed hacked Play Now!
Crazy Chess Cheat is: You gain lives instead of losing them. Play Now!
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