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Pico's School Remake Cheat is: Press H for Infinite Health Play Now!
Crash Test Launcher Cheat is: Everything is free. Play Now!
Zombie Tower Defense 3 Cheat is: 999999 Money, 9999 Lives Modified multi shot Turret. Play Now!
Fafu The Ostrich Cheat is: 1.Unlimited Lives. 2.Lots of Eggs Play Now!
Dungeon Defender 2 : Enhanced Cheat is: Lots of gems (lives),all units unlocked and they're free,all supports and traps are unlocked and free! - No avatar unlocking - it costs real money! Play Now!
New Super Chick Sisters Cheat is: 99999999 Lives and the Boss can not hurt you with his smash Play Now!
Larry and the Gnomes Cheat is: Health - Stamina - Ammo - Lives - One hit fills Rage Meter Play Now!
Interactive Buddy Cheat is: All Skins All Items All Modes Play Now!
Polar Rescue Cheat is: Unlimited lives & Snowballs Play Now!
Kingdoms: Nobility Cheat is: All resources maxed Play Now!
Boys VS Girls Cheat is: All Stages Unlocked, Unlimited Lives, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Health, Best Gun/Wand Available, Unlimited Super Jump, Unlimited Shield, Unlimited Super Speed Play Now!
Obama Rider Cheat is: Health & Timer Play Now!
Super Mario Flash Halloween Cheat is: Infinite Health, Scores, Kills and Coins Play Now!
Clash'N Slash 1 Cheat is: Invincible ship and planet,all guns and upgrades from the full version unlocked,you have the planet upgrade available,upgrade bars are full every shot,no reload - ignore the reload timer just shoot right through it Play Now!
Army Copter Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Sift Heads World 3 Cheat is: Money - Ammo - Magazine - Invincibility AFTER first death! Play Now!
Zombie Horde Cheat is: Lives: 99999999, Money: 99999999 and Ammo: 999 Play Now!
Bio Ball Boom Cheat is: More health, bombs and bombs-recoverytime added Play Now!
Ben 10 Gold Miner Cheat is: Press G to set your goal to 1 (Don't mind the label. Make sure you press it when you're on the actual level.) Play Now!
Society: The Game Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, lots of time (999999 seconds instead of 18000). Play Now!
Dead Frontier Night Two Cheat is: Health hack, Amour hack, No reload time, faster shooting time, clips hold more ammo and your character moves 3 times quicker Play Now!
Coptor Control Cheat is: Press Space for Unlimited Copter Health Play Now!
TD 5000 Cheat is: Lives,kills and money Play Now!
Tower of Doom Cheat is: Money - 10X more Health "1000 instead of 100" Play Now!
Cone Crazy 2 Cheat is: 99 Lives and 99 Seconds instead of 60 seconds Play Now!
Antbuster Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Hans Coldy And Emma Qualdy Cheat is: Unlimited Lives - Press Z + X + UP ARROW for FLYING! Play Now!
Drive By 2 Cheat is: Nothing hurts you Play Now!
Bucking Bull Racing Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Infect. Evolve. Repeat 2 Cheat is: Ton of cash per infection. Note: All skills are endless so don't waste all points on maxing one skill. Maxing re-population of germs will make your game really laggy. Play Now!
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