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Rush Race Cheat is: Car health and you can destroy everything now, text modified. Play Now!
Perfect Balance 3 - Last Trials Cheat is: All levels unlocked Play Now!
Skylark 2 Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
The Next Floor Cheat is: Life, Cash, Links to APH Play Now!
Street Avenger Cheat is: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Lives, Unlimited SP, All Levels Unlocked Play Now!
Robot Factory Cheat is: More money added Play Now!
ZombieLand Cheat is: Skill points hack Play Now!
Genghis Khan Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Squareman Cheat is: Lives Hack Play Now!
Starcom Cheat is: Infinite Health/Armor, Fast Bonus Fire Rate, Too Much Money, 9999 Missiles "When you Get Them" More Powerful Weapons, Maybe More... Almost comercial free Play Now!
Music Bounce Cheat is: Max Gates Play Now!
Infiltration Cheat is: More ammo for all weapons Play Now!
Music in Motion Cheat is: Lives Hack - 999 Lives Play Now!
New Metal Slug Cheat is: 999999 Lives Play Now!
Tokyo Drift Cheat is: Infinite time & health to drift & park Play Now!
Duck Life 2 Cheat is: Money Play Now!
Exofusion's Alien Attack Cheat is: Infinite Money - A bunch of health - 3x damage! Play Now!
Bill Cosby Fun Game Cheat is: 9999 Camera, 9999 Pudding and 9999 Cash [You have to go to options and change the difficulty to medium, then back to easy or hard if you want the hack to work] Play Now!
Prison Guard Cheat is: You have much more power fixing the gates. Play Now!
Wasteland Cheat is: Health, All Weapons Unlimited Ammo, Money & All Survivors x3 more health Play Now!
Hill Defender Cheat is: Unlimited Cash & Health Play Now!
GunBot Cheat is: Start with some cash, all purchases add more and you are invincible. Play Now!
Tiger of Mysore Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Tower Squadz Cheat is: Start each mission with lots of money - All purchases in the store give you more money to buy units. Play Now!
Zombie Baseball Cheat is: Get twice more upgrade points every level and all bats unlocked Play Now!
The Paper Plane Cheat is: All Planes Available - Free Planes - Free Boost and Upgrades (not stats!) Play Now!
Vel.Blast Cheat is: Martin- Health and power,Xnite- Cost of upgrades Play Now!
Defend TD Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Potty Racers 2 *Updated* Cheat is: Press " M " for Money - Press " F " for Fuel --Note Press the " F " for fuel in the upgrade menu before the first jump or it won't go into effect until the 2nd jump! Play Now!
Undead End Cheat is: Health - Ammo - Start with Magnum and Katana Play Now!
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