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Go! Cheat is: 999 lives on each mode! Play Now!
Memoir Text Adventure Cheat is: stats, relationship stats, money Play Now!
Armor Hero Underwater Adventure Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Super Awesome Bike Cheat is: All levels unlocked (Might need right-click - Play) Play Now!
Shop Lifter Cheat is: Infinite Cash - All Weapons Have Unlimited Ammo ! Play Now!
Onslaught 2.2 Cheat is: Money and lives hack on all modes--Note: Right click -> Play after loading Play Now!
wpnFire Cheat is: Health set to 200, 999999 ammo for all guns and changed cheat codes to: "cheat 1" =low friction, "cheat 2" =double damage, "cheat 3" =increased speed, "cheat 4" =all weapons, "cheat 5" =unlimited ammo, "cheat 6" =unlimited health.(cheats case sensitive) Play Now!
Mico Dungeon Cheat is: Increased Points.. Set all attributes to 5.. More HP.. increased XP.. more medicine and potions Play Now!
The Pulpifier Cheat is: You have now 6 minutes instead of 2 Play Now!
7th Inning Smash Cheat is: Start with x5 more Balls Play Now!
One Ton Boom Cheat is: 3X more health - Lives - EXP - All weapons unlocked - Ammo Play Now!
Battle Buggy Cheat is: Invincibility and Infinite Nukes - No skill points I don't want to ruin the game! Play Now! Cheat is: For Nora: 1 - Infinite health , 2 - Infinite upgrade points ---Note: No more hacks because you won't be able to attack Play Now!
Plumber Beeny Hamster Cheat is: You don't die when the health reaches 0 Play Now!
The Atonement Cheat is: Hack fixed! Press H to have Infinite Health & All Weapons Unlocked Play Now!
Amea Cheat is: Press key 1 to fill your health and magic cooldown, key 2 to add skillpoints and key 3 to unlock all items. Note : the game is 15 MB - let it load. Play Now!
Puk Pirat Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Crimson Warfare Cheat is: Money, Income, Health, 1 hp for enemy, credits Play Now!
Shadow Factory Cheat is: You take no damage, lots of credits (not like you'll need them but just in case). Play Now!
Army Driver Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Motocross FMX Cheat is: Stunt Energy is constant - More height with every jump. Play Now!
Brothers In Arms Cheat is: 999999999 Health, 999999999 Ammo Play Now!
Arcuz Cheat is: Health, Gold, C & A Points, All skills Maxed. !! DONT CLICK "SKILLS MAX" OR "C & A POINTS" UNTIL AFTER QUEST 4 !! .If you add Constitution,or level up - click the health hack afterwards to get your health back. Play Now!
Orc Slayer 2 Cheat is: 999999999 Health 999999999 Cash Play Now!
Jam XM Cheat is: Upgrades cost nothing,speed increased Play Now!
Paladin Cheat is: Health, Cheats Unlocked, and more! Play Now!
Truck Launch Maniac Cheat is: Gains lots of coins after the first going to the shop Play Now!
Hit the Rabbit Cheat is: Invincible & Gold hack Play Now!
Penguins Attack TD 2 Cheat is: Money - Lives hack Play Now!
Troy Cheat is: Number key hacks -> 1 for gold hack and 2 for no build limit---MUST read the note in game information! Play Now!
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