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Sift Heads Games
Sift Heads 3 Cheat is: Cheat Codes: GREENY - all weapons, RJT - vinnie invicible, MTH - infinite ammo Play Now!
Sift Heads 4 Cheat is: cash hack Play Now!
Vinnie's Rampage Desert Road Cheat is: Ammo and Health hack Play Now!
Sift Heads 5 Cheat is: When you type 'cashin' In the cheats section off the main menu and go into the game, complete an objective and instead of the normal money, you will get 9999999 money. Play Now!
Sift Heads World Cheat is: Lives - Cash - Ammo - Clip Size - Cheats revealed in desription --- Note: Do not reload! Play Now!
Sift with Shorty X-mess Cheat is: Maximum bullets [Start with 7, but when you reload its 99], Stamina maxed out and Infinite Lazar. Play Now!
Sift Heads 1 Cheat is: Life hack,ammo for all weapons,clip size and no reload Play Now!
Sift Heads World 3 Cheat is: Money - Ammo - Magazine - Invincibility AFTER first death! Play Now!
Sift Heads 2 Cheat is: 99999 Money and all weapons cost 1$ (even though they looks as if they are expensive) Play Now!
Sift Heads World 5 Cheat is: Unlimited Cash, All weapons have unlimited Ammo and Clip. Play Now!
Sift Heads World 2 Cheat is: Cash - Ammo - Magazine - Cheats Function Modified - SEE NOTE! Play Now!
Sift Heads World: Act 4 Cheat is: Unlimited Cash, All weapons have unlimited Ammo & Clip & Cheats revealed (one of them makes you invincible!) Play Now!
Sift Heads World - The Ultimatum Cheat is: Unlimited health, ammo and money. Play Now!
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 4 Cheat is: Unlimited ammo (no reload). Play Now!
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2 Cheat is: Unlimited ammo (no reload). Play Now!
Vinnie Shooting Yard 5 Cheat is: Infinite Health, Ammo And All Weapons and Levels Unlocked Play Now!
Sift Renegade 2 Cheat is: Infinite health,cheats available: constant Rage-PDC,99 shurikens-SHU,all moves-MOV,lazy mode-LAZ Play Now!
Oh my Head Cheat is: Frozen timer. Play Now!
Zombie Survival Cheat is: More health added Play Now!
Headshot 2 Cheat is: Health & Ammo hack Play Now!
Xmas Meltdown Cheat is: 999 lives Play Now!
Smileys War Cheat is: Lots of money, experience and health - All maps unlocked. Play Now!
Shadow Brute Cheat is: Play Now!
Sift With Shorty: X-Mess - FIXED Cheat is: Invincibility - Infinite Laser Time - Clip Size - Ammo (first clip is normal) - More Skill Points - Press From 0 to 9 To Change Costume DURING GAMEPLAY - Type In Password shotgun To Unlock Shotgun Play Now!
Zombie Baseball 2 Cheat is: Invincible player,never gets tired,all bats and combos unlocked,all zombies move slow and can't kill the survivors,starting strength,speed and damage increased,never ending timer to finish the levels Play Now!
Champions of Chaos Cheat is: Key hacks: Press key 1 to add 10000 gold, Key 2 to add 500 HP and Mana to Player 1 and Key 3 to add 500 HP and Mana to Player 2 - Modify the stats before you start a battle or they won't show. Press key 4 to add 500 exp. Play Now!
Harry the Hamster 3 Cheat is: Energy Hack Play Now!
First Person Shooter in Real Life 5 Cheat is: Enemies do no damage Play Now!
Tower Bloxx Cheat is: Unlimited tries Play Now!
Easter Island TD Cheat is: Lives, Money, Next Level, No Upgrade Timer, Set Tower Range, Damage, and ROF. Hack buttons under game, if you don't see them refresh until you do! NOTE: Use tower hacks at your own risk, settings to high or low could cause a negative result ! Play Now!
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