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Earn To Die Games
Bounty Killers Cheat is: unlocked weapons, ammo, you will not die when your life reaches 0 Play Now!
GunMaster Onslaught 2 Cheat is: Lots of health and ammo. Play Now!
Heliguardian War Cheat is: Key Hacks: 1 - Infinite Money,Experience Points & Skill Points; 2 - Maximum Player's Tower Health Play Now!
Torpedoes Armed Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1-Health, 2-Cash & 3-Fuel Play Now!
Metal Chaos Arena Cheat is: Enemies give you health, purchases give you money. Play Now!
Green Archer Cheat is: Start with 20 arrows instead of 5. Play Now!
Shopping Street Cheat is: Lots cash, 100 get of the bus and newspapers sell for $500 - Right click on white area then click play. Play Now!
Bionoids Cheat is: A lot of money to start off with. Play Now!
Turbo Santa Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Sim Taxi Berlin Cheat is: Invincible car,Money & Fuel always full Play Now!
Catch a Crab 2 Cheat is: Press M to add 1000 Money each time Play Now!
Kingdom Crusher Cheat is: Life, Money. To play the game, right click and play+/forward. Play Now!
City Driver Cheat is: Starts with a lot of cash Play Now!
Palisade Guardian Cheat is: Life, ammo, money - To play the game, right click and click play. Play Now!
Village Defense Cheat is: Money and Health Hack. In some levels, you can't get the best gun also, in some levels like the snake road, you can get all the weapons and there is no upgrade time. Play Now!
Helicops Territories Cheat is: Purchases add to your budget. Follow the tutorial strictly (purchase 8 planes etc) so that you can pass it. Play Now!
Planet Hopper Cheat is: Start out with a lot of cash Play Now!
Rollercoaster Creator Cheat is: All levels unlocked. Play Now!
Box10 BMX Cheat is: You can't crash. Note : when you're doing a trick and the trick meter isn't completely down you'll be a ghost (disappear) - just keep going for a second in any direction and you'll re-appear back on the stage. Play Now!
S-W-A-T Cheat is: Ammo, Health, Unlimited Electros Play Now!
Prison Sniper Cheat is: Infinite bullets, All levels, All medals Play Now!
Dragon Slayers Cheat is: Health hack, money hack, food hack, and faster pull. Play Now!
Supreme Deer Hunt Cheat is: After the first kill everything costs 1 point Play Now!
Homerun In Berzerk Land Cheat is: Only 1 feet needed for unlocking the characters,Unlocked all weapons and items and they're all free! Play Now!
Newgrounds Sim Cheat is: 999999999$, 999 in all 3 skills, You Are A Affiliate Moderator And Admin On Start Up, You Make Around 1999$ at work, All Flash Movie Types Unlock, 2 Extra's On Desktop At Startup (If Name Is popwin (I Think Not 100%), CODE CRACKED If Game Screen Is Expand Play Now!
Supreme Deer Hunting 2 Cheat is: Everything costs 1 point Play Now!
Green Beret Castle Assault Cheat is: Castle Health & Experience after first level Play Now!
Crash Them All Hacked Cheat is: All levels unlocked Play Now!
Pie Craving Cheat is: Lives,Darts and Timer hack Play Now!
Domino Fall 2 Cheat is: Unlimited Bombs for each level Play Now!
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