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Earn To Die Games
The Lounger Cheat is: Infinite money Play Now!
Gone to the Dogs Cheat is: Money added, now you can buy everything. Play Now!
Super Soilder Cheat is: 999 Lives, more damage for the balls. Play Now!
Gangstas Cheat is: Money and Health Hack Play Now!
Drop Off Cheat is: Higher altitude so that you can score more points and have more time to get in a better landing position. Play Now!
Solar Strike Cheat is: God mode - Unlimited bombs - No overheat. Play Now!
Burning Wheels Cheat is: Added 2 buttons to main screen. The dollar sign button gives you $100K every time you click on it. The Lvl Up button will skip the current level. Play Now!
MapleFlash v0.75 Cheat is: stats, statpoints, skillpoints, money,stats,level,damage,dex Play Now!
Babel Tower Builder Cheat is: All levels unlocked Play Now!
Street Skater Cheat is: Timer adds up seconds Play Now!
xStream Fishing Cheat is: Gain alot of money after each throw. Play Now!
Gunmaster Onslaught Cheat is: Money,ammo and all weapons Play Now!
Raft Wars Cheat is: credits, grenades, rockets Play Now!
3D Tunnel Cheat is: 200 Upgrades Play Now!
Cake Shop 2 Cheat is: Customers are super patient and leave a bit more money (more would screw up the goals). More time on the levels. Play Now!
The Heist Cheat is: $999,999,999 and 999 Respect Play Now!
Gun Master Onslaught Cheat is: Start with lots of health, shooting gives you ammo. Play Now!
The Lorry Story Cheat is: Hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift and press Space when you are at the level select screen to have all tracks unlocked, 999999 cash, all trucks and upgrades. Play Now!
Lead 4 Dead v1.57 Cheat is: Gold & Keyhacks: H for Instant 1 Second Health Regeneration & U for the Uber hack - All Weapons with Infinite Ammo,Infinite Normal,Special & Rifle Grenades Play Now!
Omega Box Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for GodMode ON/Q - OFF; 2 for Infinite Medals (money) & Score; 3 to Unlock All Achievements Play Now!
Icy Gifts Cheat is: Keyhacks: "G" to add 500 Gifts (money) & hit Space to add an extra click Play Now!
Bumper Boat Battle Cheat is: Health, Points, Money and mine reload hack Play Now!
FlashTrek: Broken Mirror Cheat is: Start with lots of resources, modified cheats, and different starting ships. Play Now!
JC Festival Pinball Cheat is: More balls added Play Now!
Mega Drill Cheat is: Lots of cash - WAIT 2 MINUTES AFTER YOU CLICK PLAY! Play Now!
Bounty Killers Cheat is: unlocked weapons, ammo, you will not die when your life reaches 0 Play Now!
GunMaster Onslaught 2 Cheat is: Lots of health and ammo. Play Now!
Heliguardian War Cheat is: Key Hacks: 1 - Infinite Money,Experience Points & Skill Points; 2 - Maximum Player's Tower Health Play Now!
Torpedoes Armed Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1-Health, 2-Cash & 3-Fuel Play Now!
Metal Chaos Arena Cheat is: Enemies give you health, purchases give you money. Play Now!
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