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Pie Craving Cheat is: Lives,Darts and Timer hack Play Now!
Mercedes Drift Competition Cheat is: Press T each time to add 60 seconds to the Timer. Play Now!
Prison Sniper Cheat is: Infinite bullets, All levels, All medals Play Now!
Polar Pwnd 2 Cheat is: All tools unlocked - 100 tools limit per level. Play Now!
Monster Evolution Cheat is: evolute freely Play Now!
Defend The Caravan Cheat is: Money and Health Hack. No reload time. Play Now!
Funny Cars Cheat is: Infinite Cash Play Now!
Ravine Cheat is: 999999 Gold , Infinite Castle Health Play Now!
Blazing Squad 3 Cheat is: Health,Ammo for all weapons (Pistol & MG),Pistol shoots like the MG & Press E to End the level Play Now!
Pirates vs Ninjas 2 TD Cheat is: Life and Money Hack Play Now!
Go! Cheat is: 999 lives on each mode! Play Now!
Deady Cheat is: 999999 health Play Now!
16-Bit Halo Cheat is: Invincible player. Play Now!
Orcs Attack Cheat is: All Levels Unlocked - All Weapons Unlocked with Infinite Ammo for each Play Now!
Adventure Ho! Cheat is: health, mana, gold, +5 skillpoints, attack, defence, get medals, refill bravery, total fights, fights won, 0 run away Play Now!
Ricochet Kills: Players Pack Cheat is: Infinite Ammo Play Now!
The Apprentice Cheat is: Infinite Superpower Play Now!
All Out of Gas Cheat is: Unlimited Time & Jetpack fuel always full Play Now!
Traffic Trouble Cheat is: 100 Lives instead of 3 -Vehicle Stress Time Lowered Greatly! Play Now!
Galactic Conquest Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Dungeon Cleaner Cheat is: Infinite health,gold,gems,dynamites,experience,after the first kill you got very advanced level,bigger health and ammo drops Play Now!
Stickman Madness 2 Cheat is: Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ammo and No Reload Play Now!
Rise n Shine Cheat is: Infinite Shots & Time - NOTE: If you are stuck click the reset button in the top right corner of the screen beside the pause button. Play Now!
Son of the Mask Pinball Cheat is: More balls added Play Now!
Smokin Barrels Cheat is: Cash Hack and all Weapons unlocked. Play Now!
VK 1939 Cheat is: upgrade points, to use cash hack, click on the upgrade cash and limit to max, after you finish playing the first mission, you will have 999999 cash in mission2 Play Now!
TD 5000 Cheat is: Lives,kills and money Play Now!
Banana Dash Cheat is: All levels unlocked Play Now!
Toy Tank Arena Cheat is: Lives hack for all modes - Your Tank can shoot more rapidly Play Now!
Valet Parking Cheat is: Extended timer and unlimited cash Play Now!
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