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Space Colony Cheat is: Car is almost invincible life has increased to 999999999 Play Now!
Dealer 2 Cheat is: Warning - drug related game! Health,cash on hand & in bank,no money owed,twice as many days to pay off the debt & infinite trunk space Play Now!
Velocity Cheat is: Infinite Energy Play Now!
HackerStory Cheat is: Lots of money and 1337 fame Play Now!
Squish Tower Defence Cheat is: 100 millions of money, 100 lives. Play Now!
War and Beyond Deadly Strategies Cheat is: Set money and set tech level hack Play Now!
Mario Zeppelin Cheat is: Infinite Energy (Invincible Mario) Play Now!
Kombat Fighters Cheat is: 999999999 Money, Health, Energy. Blood on and All characters unlocked! Play Now!
Christmas Castle Defense 5000 Deluxe Cheat is: Everything is free Play Now!
Rage Arena Cheat is: Cash, 1 kill to level up, Unlimited rage after killing an enemy. Play Now!
Windhawk Cheat is: More health and money added,ammo and oxygen Play Now!
Burrito Bison Cheat is: All purchases add cash. Note : you need at least $350 before you can order so make a few tries. Play Now!
King of the Rocks - Part One Cheat is: Upgrading/Leveling up Castles is Free Play Now!
Motherload Cheat is: Lots of money, Unlimited fuel, Unlimited health, Unlimited Cargo space, Start with best upgrades, Drill Speed doubled, Engines now have 500 HorsePowers Play Now!
Zelda Seeds Of Darkness Cheat is: More health added and more resistance for your bomb Play Now!
Sonic The Hedgehog Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Revenge of the Stick Cheat is: Money hack, and a "head" hack. Play Now!
Heliguardian War Cheat is: Key Hacks: 1 - Infinite Money,Experience Points & Skill Points; 2 - Maximum Player's Tower Health Play Now!
Super D Cheat is: Health - 9999 keys - 1 Hour instead of 10 minutes on timed Mode! -- NOTE: If Lagging, right click and change quality to Medium or Low! Play Now!
Zombie Assault Cheat is: Money and Health...That's all you need. Play Now!
Obama Rider Cheat is: Health & Timer Play Now!
The Guardian:RPG Cheat is: 999999999 rubies,bombs, and health Play Now!
The Good The Bad & El Tigre Cheat is: Unlimited Skill Points Play Now!
3D Tank Adventure 2 Cheat is: Lives & Cash Play Now!
Luis Launch Cheat is: Money and Unlimited Farts Play Now!
Escaped Cheat is: All purchases add money, last health upgrade is 2x the health. Using abilities gives you mana. Play Now!
Industrial Tower Defence Cheat is: All purchases add money. Play Now!
Hold Your Ground Cheat is: 9999 building blocks for all levels! IMPORTANT: See Note Below! Play Now!
RaidenX Cheat is: infinity lives, more bombs, more score Play Now!
Hole Quaser Cheat is: Keyhacks: 1 for Gold and 2 for Lives Play Now!
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