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My Island RPG Cheat is: NaN money - popular,intelligence,and strength stats are very high at the start - 20 extra experience points to distribute! Play Now!
Pirate Launch Cheat is: Increase upgrade effects - made so it is still challenging. The best upgrades make you go forever. Play Now!
Farm Frenzy 3 Cheat is: Start every level with a lot of cash note:Give the game a little time to load Play Now!
Lander 2 Cheat is: Infinite lives,fuel,money,bonus points per astronaut,ship storage Play Now!
The Farmer Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Crazy Racoon Cheat is: 999 normal bullets - unlimited hp - some aliens don't move or shoot - all killing bonuses 500 instead of 100. Play Now!
Deady Cheat is: 999999 health Play Now!
Zombie Massacre Cheat is: Invincibility - Money - Infinite Ammo For All Weapons - Free Slots Play Now!
Eskimo River Rush Cheat is: Invincibility,Press 1 for Fire Breath & Press 2 for Speed Powerup (run faster) Play Now!
Batman - The Cobblebot Caper Cheat is: Lives and Batarangs Hack Play Now!
Sling Wars Middle Ages Cheat is: Always start with 2 to 3 times more players than opponent - stats start at 9 instead of 0 - 5 minutes to move instead of 30 seconds. And win level even if you loose! Play Now!
Sim Starbase Cheat is: Everything you do adds resources. Play Now!
Defence Game: Turret Mode Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Highway Pursuit 2 Cheat is: Health,Money,Grenades & All Weapons infinite ammo Play Now!
Armored Corps Cheat is: Note: Right click->play on the loading bar! ... All prices set to $1,weapons and other things unlocked,all armors are 2 times stronger with weight hack,skill points,all weapons and reinforcements do more damage,get higher ranks with less p Play Now!
Dynamite Fisher 2 Cheat is: Both boats same max speed - 10 max bombs instead of 3 - All 3 weapons increased range - 60 second time bonus for killing mutated fish, 5 at one time, 2 at once, and 5 minutes for killing the crow! Play Now!
Mr. Schyzo Cheat is: Invincibility, Rage never expires, Extra Money + Boxes, You can shoot while Reloading. Play Now!
Daredevil 2 Cheat is: Life Bar Hack,bike Points...Note:To play-> Right click-> play and click the FOG logo Play Now!
Sticks of Fury Cheat is: Start with lots of cash. Play Now!
Stick World Cheat is: Unlimited Health,start with a lot of cash,player moves faster,ammo,clip size and reload for all weapons,all weapons automatics and many more! Play Now!
Bomb Detonator Cheat is: Bomb timer enlarged Play Now!
Zoo Fun Cheat is: Everything is free but you still have to unlock items. Play Now!
Docking Perfection 3 Cheat is: Time and lives Play Now!
Counter Strike Flash Cheat is: No Player-Damage Play Now!
Phrozen Flame RPG Cheat is: 1 million HP, 999999 MP, weaker bosses. Large flash file this one, it might take a while to download. Play Now!
The Sniper 2 Cheat is: Clip size x3 bigger Play Now!
Knightfall 2 Cheat is: Health and gold hack... NOTE: The game is quite big,LET IT LOAD Play Now!
Orchard 2 Cheat is: Buying weapons/ammo gives you money Play Now!
Logica Cheat is: All levels unlocked Play Now!
Heli Attack 1 Cheat is: Infinite Health, Enemy has less health, Faster Shooting, Faster Running Play Now!
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