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Strategy Defense 2 Cheat is: set money set turn set level set stats set exp Play Now!
Tank Attack Cheat is: Infinite gold and more damage Note:Right click>Play a few times Play Now!
Totem Destroyer Cheat is: You only have to destroy one block Play Now!
Mico Dungeon Cheat is: Increased Points.. Set all attributes to 5.. More HP.. increased XP.. more medicine and potions Play Now!
Prison Guard Cheat is: You have much more power fixing the gates. Play Now!
ArcherLand Cheat is: Money, wood, stone. Links to aph Play Now!
Shoot Cheat is: Grenades hack and health slightly increased Play Now!
The Last Village Cheat is: Infinite Resources Play Now!
Power Knight Cheat is: Unlimited Gold - Press 1 to get Infinite Health, 2 for Infinite Magic, 3 to add 100 exp and level up Play Now!
WWII Defense Cheat is: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 1000 money, key 2 to add 1000 health. Play Now!
The Bank Robber Cheat is: TAKES A WHILE TO LOAD, So expect white screen for a couple minutes. Hacks : -Demo to Full Game - 10x More Health & Maxed Abilities, and 50 million starting Cash ! Play Now!
Acorn Defense Cheat is: Infinite Health and Cash Play Now!
Shore Siege Cheat is: Health, Money, Always Gaining Money Play Now!
Kingdoms at War : Conquest Cheat is: Cash and starting points hack - Note: Works only if you play without an account! Play Now!
Cube Runner Cheat is: Invincible player Play Now!
Terrorist Cheat is: 999999 Ammo for all guns, you cant be hit Play Now!
Demo Man Cheat is: roflmao987:Target is set to 2 on the first level and only increases by 1 as the levels progress. selectLOL:Your stats are all 5 and when you upgrade them,they don't change. Play Now!
We Are Pirates Cheat is: Start with lots of gold. Note: Clear your cache if you can't move. Play Now!
Pinkslip Panic Cheat is: Time hack Play Now!
ZOM-TV! Cheat is: Invincibility,Unlimited starting money,All weapons have wider range & Weapons x5 Times Stronger, Unlimited Ammo Play Now!
D-Day Defender Cheat is: No Overheat - Infinite Ammo - Mortars Always Ready - Engineering Power Up is always ready and is now "Extra Fire Power and Base Health!!" Play Now!
Evil Carebears Cheat is: Enemies give you health, unlimited ammo. Play Now!
Quadrobarrel Defense Cheat is: money, energy and shields Play Now!
SteamBirds Cheat is: Bullets can't harm you ! .. The green poisonous gas CAN ! .. Just don't follow them, get them from the side or head-on. Bonus levels are on ArmorGames only, but at least they released the game. Play Now!
Snow Trouble Cheat is: Dying doesn't take away lives. Play Now!
Bio Ball Boom Cheat is: More health, bombs and bombs-recoverytime added Play Now!
World Basketball Challenge Cheat is: Everything's Unlocked & Free Play Now!
Enigmata Cheat is: Everything costs $1. Play Now!
Troll's Rage Cheat is: Health, Rage last longer, Rage doesn't decrease until you use it.-- I Didn't make infinite rage because I thought you guys would like earning it by beating on the enemy's.. Play Now!
Bush Rampage Cheat is: everything to max at game start, more points, more time, a lot of money, more points at shooting tanks, people, and jeeps Play Now!
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