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Penguin Battle Cheat is: 999 rockets and 999 grenades. Play Now!
Tarnation Cheat is: Keyhacks: B to Build a row & H to Refill Health Play Now!
Bow the Fruits Cheat is: x2 Doubled Timer - 5 more Arrows for each level - Goals set to 1 Play Now!
Battle Over Berlin 2 Cheat is: Lives,bombs,health extended,all weapons shoot x5 faster and are more efficient Play Now!
Valet Parking Cheat is: Extended timer and unlimited cash Play Now!
Skill Parking Cheat is: Invincible truck Play Now!
Drive By 2 Cheat is: Nothing hurts you Play Now!
The Impossible Quiz 2 *FIXED* Cheat is: Skip questions and fusestoppers (couldn't find lives,sorry) Play Now!
Ultimate Crab Cheat is: Torpedos & Missiles Play Now!
Buggy Run Cheat is: Health & Timer Play Now!
Tower Defence Cheat is: 999999999 money loads of damage for everything upgraded range 999999999 lives Play Now!
Mobs Down Cheat is: Infinite lives,codes available. bloodyhell,payback,freshmeat,combatmaster,tyrannyend Play Now!
Epic Ninja Cheat is: All you have to press is the S key, not space, not the arrow keys - just press S. Play Now!
Dare Devil Cheat is: 99,999,999,999,999 Customizable Points Play Now!
Epic War 1 Cheat is: Infinite Mana, more Castle Health, enough EXP-Points to upgrade anything. NOTE: Takes a while to load after pressing play. Be patient. Play Now!
Kungfu Election Cheat is: Enemy can't hurt you Play Now!
Mobile Weapon Episode 1 Cheat is: Credits, HP, Stats, Exp., EP Reload Time (click on wait to attack with other character). Play Now!
Kinetikz 3 Cheat is: lives, speed, slow bar, unlocked levels Play Now!
Military Rescue Cheat is: Unlimited lives - Shooting gives you ammo. Play Now!
Dragon Journey Cheat is: Infinite Health, Lives and Bombs. Collect any amount of eggs to complete the level. Play Now!
Cactus McCoy Cheat is: Dying gives you lives, start with 100 money and all upgrades cost 1, all areas unlocked. Note : create a new profile, start the game and then quit the level to upgrade and select levels. Play Now!
Bubble Tanks 2 Cheat is: Dead Head 3 drop lots of money. Unlocked extra content and modified bft carrier tank. Play Now!
Valiance Cheat is: Invincible, Start with 999999999 coins, infinite rotations Play Now!
Drunken Masters Cheat is: You start with bunch of VIP cards,they all cost only $1,some customers give you bigger tips,lots of cash,bigger awards Play Now!
Garbage Man Cheat is: Timer hack. Play Now!
Kitchen Frenzy Cheat is: 10 min. to beat each level(sorry about before,because of the unlimited time bonus,you were stuck on level 1 for a long time!It's fixed now!) Play Now!
Hitstick 6 Cheat is: Unlimited Health, All Weapons unlimited ammo & clip & Everything is Free Play Now!
Biplane Bomber Cheat is: Lives, Money, and Bombs... Hack buttons under game, if you don't see them refresh or close window and reopen until you do ! Play Now!
Yarrr TD Cheat is: Key hacks - press key 1 to add 20 gold, key 2 to have full health. Play Now!
Warlords - Call to Arms Cheat is: Unlimited Money, Instant Troop Spawn, Demons class unlocked, Charge ready in 1 kill, All classes unlocked Play Now!
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