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Drag Race Demon Cheat is: score, lives, money (note: you cant buy things after you click the hack, you need to wait til you come back) Play Now!
Vengeance Rider Cheat is: Lots of health Play Now!
Aliens Must Die Cheat is: Infinite Health,power bar hacked,starting shield last longer Play Now!
Sprouts Adventure Teaser Cheat is: Karma points Play Now!
Break Out 2 Cheat is: All Missions unlocked - Life increased - Complete 1 mission to get lots of money to purchase the weapons - After completing each level you get 99999. Play Now!
The Heist Cheat is: $999,999,999 and 999 Respect Play Now!
fanta factory Cheat is: Infinite Fanta (Lives) and Money Play Now!
Freelancer RPG Cheat is: HP set at 5000, beginning stats set at 10, start with 50 distributable stats. Play Now!
D-Fence Cheat is: $1 billion and lots more health. Play Now!
Isoball 3 Cheat is: All tiles unlocked, unlimited tiles per level. Play Now!
Choose Your Weapon Cheat is: All weapons at start, More ammo for weapons Play Now!
Keep Your VL Cheat is: Start out with 100 lives - Unlimited shields. Play Now!
Bubble Struggle 2 Cheat is: You don't loose a life. Play Now!
Arsenal 2: The Romanov Files Cheat is: Enemies do no damage, purchases give you points, shooting takes away no ammo (except on mission 3.5 where you have to shoot the tire and the guy will walk out of the car). Play Now!
Fireman Incoming Storm Cheat is: Robot is invincible. Play Now!
D Day In Normandy Cheat is: Infinite Health, ammo for guns, Zero Efficiency needed to continue, The bazookas won't fire until you get to the tank, pick up the orange warheads, I made them worth thousands !! Play Now!
Newgrounds Rumble Cheat is: Cash Play Now!
Shuriken Challenge Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
3D-Tunnel Cheat is: Lives Play Now!
Zombie Ramming Cheat is: Invincibility - Shields - Lots of Money - Max Speed Increased - Back Speed Increased Play Now!
13 More days in Hell Cheat is: Health - All Weapons & infinite clip Ammo - So no reloading - All guns have the power of the shotgun! Play Now!
Loaded Metal Cheat is: Money hack and more damage to all guns Play Now!
Flash Trek Cheat is: Get any spaceship for no prestige Play Now!
Dungeon Escape Cheat is: Bunch of lives Play Now!
Fish Tycoon Cheat is: 999999999 money Play Now!
Mini Pool Cheat is: Infinite Time Play Now!
Storm The House 2 Cheat is: Ammo - Doesnt decrease, starts at 999999999. It will decrease when using the grav gun. Health - Starts high as (999999999999), does decrease. Clip Size - if you want to up it, this will be done by 800 instead. SHOTGUN - It covers the whole area Play Now!
Sniper Cheat is: Health Hack Play Now!
Trafalgar Origins Cheat is: Money & Experience after beating any level! Play Now!
Gold Miner 3 Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
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