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A Typical Wednesday Afternoon Cheat is: Lives,specials and ship speed hacked Play Now!
Fatal Hunt - Survivor Cheat is: More money added, so you can buy and upgrade everything to the max Play Now!
Evilland Cheat is: Health, XP, Level hack Play Now!
Street Law Cheat is: 999999999999 Health Play Now!
Desert Jeep Cheat is: Keyhacks: H to add x1000 the health & E to End a level Play Now!
Keep It Kool! Cheat is: Infinite money and infinite water to spray everyone with! Play Now!
Wanted Cheat is: Infinite Car-Health Play Now!
Biplane Bomber Cheat is: Lives, Money, and Bombs... Hack buttons under game, if you don't see them refresh or close window and reopen until you do ! Play Now!
T-Zero Turbo X Cheat is: 9999999 credits (to spend) Play Now!
City Driver Cheat is: Starts with a lot of cash Play Now!
Mico Dungeon Cheat is: Increased Points.. Set all attributes to 5.. More HP.. increased XP.. more medicine and potions Play Now!
Pepe Pillz 2 Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Celebrity Bash Cheat is: Health Hack Play Now!
Excited Insects Cheat is: Health and ammo hack. Play Now!
Earth Onslaught Cheat is: Loads Of Money - Infinite Experience - No Units Limit ! Play Now!
Skylark Cheat is: Infinite Lives and 5 Millions Rockets Play Now!
D-Day Defender Cheat is: No Overheat - Infinite Ammo - Mortars Always Ready - Engineering Power Up is always ready and is now "Extra Fire Power and Base Health!!" Play Now!
Toy Box Rally Cheat is: You don't lose health, start with more lives. Play Now!
Defender Tower Defence Cheat is: money, lives Play Now!
Zombie Terminator Cheat is: Health,all weapons unlocked with infinite ammo--Note: The game is huge,let it load for a while Play Now!
Zombie Baseball Cheat is: Increased amount of skill points, Normal bat is now maxed out. Increased ball frequency and recovery time from the start. Play Now!
Infect.Evolve.Repeat Cheat is: First level time hack, to familiarize yourself. After it, you gain pretty much infinite money. **Don't upgrade too much on reproduction, it can slow down the game, badly** Play Now!
Khronos Cheat is: Health, Mana, All Characters Unlocked, All Awards Unlocked, All Achievements Unlocked. Play Now!
Tested on Animals 2 Cheat is: Invincible Play Now!
Turbo Santa Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
High School TD Cheat is: Infinite money and lives Play Now!
Parking Perfection 2 Cheat is: Timer hack Play Now!
The Leon Wars Cheat is: gold, iron, research completes in one turn, unlimited steps per turn. Play Now!
Shotgun Orc Cheat is: Unlimited Lives. Sorry i couldn't get health :( Play Now! Cheat is: For Nora: 1 - Infinite health , 2 - Infinite upgrade points ---Note: No more hacks because you won't be able to attack Play Now!
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