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'Dam to the 'Ham Cheat is: Timer and award hack Play Now!
Scrap Metal Heroes Cheat is: In Battle - All Units Free & In Shop - All Items Free (No Mochi coins or items are hacked). Play Now!
Armor Hero Metal Slug X2 Cheat is: Unlimited health, using bombs gives you more. Play Now!
Western Blitzkrieg 2 Cheat is: Health, Lives, Ammo, & Grenades Play Now!
Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Cheat is: Infinite HP and MP,money hack Play Now!
Greyhound Tycoon Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Bang,Boom,Splat! Cheat is: All levels unlocked,double time for all levels and an ammo hack for all levels! Play Now!
Suprise Kiss Cheat is: Double time Play Now!
Final Fantasy Sonic X: Episode 5 - True Tragedy Sonic pt.2 Cheat is: Infinite Health and Magic Play Now!
GlueFO Cheat is: Lives and Gluetron bombs hacked Play Now!
Monster Bus Cheat is: Press L each time to add 5 lives. Note : the game is 8MB so be patient while it loads. Play Now!
Heist 2 Cheat is: 999 lives Play Now!
Farm TD Cheat is: Money and Lives (Health) Play Now!
Flying Steel Cheat is: !! DON'T PICKUP HEALTH BONUS !! If you do , your health will go back to "default value" of 1500 - - - HACKS- Infinite Health, hundreds of nukes, Weapon upgrades last to end of level! Play Now!
Element Saga Cheat is: More health added and infinite ammo for all weapons Play Now!
Mountain Showdown Cheat is: Health, Power, Ninja Stars, All weapons, Double Jump, Only weapon 5 uses power, if you need power just get hit by an enemy for full power! Play Now!
Elona Shooting 2 - Extra Version Cheat is: All Classes enabled - 9999 ammo for all guns - Accuracy increased - Lots of grenades - All guns automatics - 999999 wall health - Infinite Cash and AP ! Play Now!
Town Defence 1 Cheat is: Infinite Cash + Infinite Health + Less Upgrade Time Play Now!
Arcanorum Cheat is: All ships 999999999 armor and health, All weapons and ships Unlocked and cost 1 dollar, But gave you 1 billion dollars anyway. Hint: I made the wooden hammer 100 damage and 50 pounds! Play Now!
Speed Challenger Cheat is: Money - Infinite Jumps - Infinite Nos & Fuel - All you need to buy in the upgrade shop is tires and car bodies Play Now!
Indestruc 2 Tank Cheat is: Infinite Exp, Infinite Fuel, Infinite Jumps and Pause Time Disabled. Play Now!
Favela Heroes Cheat is: 10,000 Cash and 100 lives on every level ! - - - -Unhacked version was 25 cash and 20 lives ! Play Now!
Vector Menace Cheat is: All purchases add cash. Play Now!
Space Eagle Cheat is: Lives & Missiles Play Now!
Darkest Days Cheat is: Using skill points gives you more, start with lots of health. Play Now!
Bunny Vs. World Cheat is: Much more health for your Bunny Play Now!
Mad Spaceship Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
Global Rescue Cheat is: Lives hack, fuel hack, quicker unload time, load up to 200 people in your chopper at once and larger bonus. Play Now!
Blazing Assassin Cheat is: Dont need to reload Play Now!
Transformers Prestige Cheat is: Infinite lives Play Now!
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