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Space Thieves Cheat is: Money - All sheep can be taken and you won't loose, game will continue! -- NOTE: If you don't see "Hacked by Dave Petty" under the game, refresh or reload the page until you do or the hacks won't work! Play Now!
Down to Hell Cheat is: Health,Lives & CP (Mana for Special Combo Attacks) in all modes Play Now!
Penguin Skate 2 Cheat is: Press 1 for 9999 lives! Play Now!
Battalion Nemesis Cheat is: money hack (do not fear that enemy has more than you do, when you win them, you will own the buildings) Play Now!
SteppenWolf (Chapter 1 - Episode 2) Cheat is: Unlimited Life Play Now!
Hunterstory Cheat is: stats,gp pts, skill pts, all skills clicked for you and to 99999,dmg,mesos, Play Now!
Shoplifter Defence Cheat is: End Shift Immediately Button, Ammo, Unlimited Warnings (lives), Money Play Now!
Mummy Tombs Cheat is: Unlimited health, enemies give you health as it's used to buy items. Play Now!
4 Wheel Madness 2.5 Cheat is: Press key 1 to unlock all levels and the monster truck. Play Now!
Learn to Fly Cheat is: Infinite Money, Decreased Gravity, Increased Instant Speed, All Items Available. Play Now!
ATV Offroad Thunder Cheat is: All tricks and trucks unlocked,level goals set to 100 points Play Now!
13 guardians Cheat is: every thing in the shop is free Play Now!
Fly and Blast Cheat is: Money & All Heroes Invincible Play Now!
Dawn of the Celebs 2 Cheat is: Money, lots of health and limo health (after you upgrade the limo), unlimited ammo for weapons 2 and 3. Play Now!
Zombie Waster Cheat is: You can shoot all your friends and it won't be game over. Play Now!
1 Will Survive 2 Cheat is: Get gold when you buy - Max upgrade points. Play Now!
The Enchanted Cave Cheat is: Gold - Health (HP) - Magic (MP) - & Spells have no cast time! Play Now!
Fly Squirrel Fly 2 Cheat is: More money added, easy money earning and infinite rocket fuel. Play Now!
5 Minutes to Kill Yourself Reloaded Cheat is: 1 Hour to kill Yourself Instead of 5 Minutes! Play Now!
Mad Mech Cheat is: Health Play Now!
Grand Prix Tycoon Cheat is: Money Hack - 5 Billion Dollars, When the game loads, right click on game then click play. Play Now!
Pixel Basher Cheat is: Everything is free (Once loaded,Right click - Play) Play Now!
Heat Gun Cheat is: Time and Ammo Hack Play Now!
Celebrity Smackdown 4 Cheat is: You win even if you lose Play Now!
Super Mario Revived Cheat is: Infinite Lives, Increased walk speed, Increased Jump height, Increased Jump and Fall Speed Play Now!
Jelly Castle Cheat is: Health for Castle and Character, Mana, Points, Timeout for spells Play Now!
The Siege Of Theldale Cheat is: Upgrades and wall repairing cost 1 point...To play: wait till its loaded,then right click->settings,from the drop menu point to the first option and right click play Play Now!
Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh Cheat is: 999999 Lives Play Now!
Kid Launcher Cheat is: Infinite Money - All Medals & Achievements (If you get stuck at the blue screen just be patient for a minute) Play Now!
Electric Man 2 Cheat is: Higher batterychargingrate and much much more health Play Now!
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