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Genie in the Castle Cheat is: Hitting to walls or crashing doesn\'t take lifes but adds more lifes - Hacked by Ankilla. Admin note : you fly with the mouse and shoot with spacebar. Play Now!
A Koopa's Revenge Cheat is: More lives added Play Now!
Starfighter Cheat is: Unlimited lives, ammo, and health. Play Now!
Puk Pirat Cheat is: Lives hack Play Now!
Super Soldier Cheat is: 999 lives Play Now!
Pestilence Z Cheat is: Press key L to level up and key K to heal 20 HP. Play Now!
Armada Assault 1 Cheat is: Money, lives and HP Play Now!
Grandpa Launcher Cheat is: Everything in the shop is free, fuel for all jetpacks doubledand 99 bullets for all weapons Play Now!
The Torture Chamber 2 Cheat is: Everything is unlocked after the first game Play Now!
Abyss Walker Cheat is: x10 more Health & Mana,Everything Costs $0 & Unlimited Ammo for All Weapons Play Now!
Hairball Cheat is: All obstacles removed Play Now!
Xunmato Alpha Cheat is: 999999999 stat points, To get God-Mode you have to talk with the first guy, choose help me, then Cheats and type in God, then click the NEXT-Button Play Now!
Stone Punk Cheat is: Everything is free, And Huge Food Upgrade -- RIGHT CLICK AND CLICK PLAY ! Play Now!
Artifission RPG chp 1 Cheat is: Health and MP Play Now!
Madness Death Wish 2 Cheat is: Infinite health,maxed out experience,perk points,everything costs $1,more damage every shot and instant gun level up Play Now!
Modern Medieval 2 Cheat is: 77777 health and 7777 lives Play Now!
Wrath II Cheat is: Easier passwords: 1 to 6 - levels,satan - beat the satan,secret - some secret I guess,secret2 - same Play Now!
Jungle Assassin Cheat is: Grip, higher jump, more life and more :) Play Now!
Charles 007 2 Cheat is: Life and Ammo Play Now!
Turbo Santa Cheat is: Money hack Play Now!
Kingdoms: Nobility Cheat is: All resources maxed Play Now!
The Rise of a Knight Cheat is: Life after death, that means, you can not die Play Now!
Backyard Sale Cheat is: Unlimited Time & Tips for each level Play Now!
Break A Wish Cheat is: 9999 Lives Play Now!
stick trinity Cheat is: Health & Rage Play Now!
Rambo: The Fight Continues Cheat is: More health added Play Now!
Sixty Seconds To Live Cheat is: 1 Day to live instead of 60 seconds! Play Now!
Turkey Got Guts Cheat is: Health and ammo hack Play Now!
Let the Bullets Fly Cheat is: Unlimited bullets for each level (it will reach 0 but you can still shoot as much as you want). Note : the start game button will be active 10 seconds after the game is loaded. Play Now!
BridgeCraft Cheat is: Building Materials are Free! Play Now!
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