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Prehistoric 2 - Downfall Cheat is: Life and Lives hack Play Now!
Ravage Cheat is: Infinite Health Play Now!
Tactical Combat Cheat is: Key hacks : press key 1 to add 5 skill points and key 2 to add 1000 money. Play Now!
Machine Renegade Cheat is: More shield, lives and skill points added. Warning: Do not upgrade your walkspeed and the laserspeed too much, it would becomes unplayable :) Play Now!
Invasion 2 Cheat is: Archers and Rams cost $0. The Rams have 777777777 hp. Rams, Archers, Infantry, Cavalry, Mangonels and Trebuchets all have upgraded damage + move speed + attack speed. Play Now!
King of the Rocks - Part One Cheat is: Upgrading/Leveling up Castles is Free Play Now!
Azgard Defence Cheat is: Money and 100 lives instead of 30 NOTE: Upgrades get expensive so watch the upgrade cost or you will go broke! And making the upgrades free caused other problems so I set it back to normal. Play Now!
Street Skater Cheat is: Timer adds up seconds Play Now!
Uber Battle Cheat is: 99,999,999 credits Play Now!
Luminara Cheat is: Infinite lives & your awesome meter is full at the beginning! Play Now!
Perim Protector Cheat is: Infinite Money hack Play Now!
Eukarion Tales Marcus the Knight Cheat is: Health - First 30 level-ups only require 100 XP - Spells don't cost mana or life points & have no wait time - All gold item drops are high gold only & all potion item drops were replaced with high gold! Play Now!
I am Legend Cheat is: Infinite Lives Play Now!
Tim Ball Cheat is: More balls added Play Now!
stick trinity Cheat is: Health & Rage Play Now!
Last Command Cheat is: Everything's free - All upgrades and units unlocked from start - Infinite Ammo ! Play Now!
Ragdoll Invaders Cheat is: Infinite Lives - Only thing to hack! Play Now!
Alien Invasion 2 Cheat is: Money - 1000 max units and objects - No wait time on anything - All modes unlocked Play Now!
Bullet Chaos Cheat is: Buying stuff gives you money & More Continues (Lives) - (Note: If black screen - Right click->Settings->select the camera icon->Right click on the first option of the drop-down menu-> Play) Play Now!
Parasite X Cheat is: Health and points Play Now!
The Unfair Platformer Cheat is: Player speed and jump height increased,new level codes available: martin,is,the,best,hacker,ever Play Now!
Cloud Soldier Cheat is: Everything's free! Play Now!
Park My Boat Cheat is: Lives and timer hack Play Now!
Hold The Line Cheat is: Infinite Money, 5 Millions health and gun over heat improved. Play Now!
Brink of Alienation 3 Cheat is: 9999999 Health and 99999 Grenades Play Now!
Thing Thing 4 Cheat is: Health, Ammo, And all weapons owned ! Pipe and Sword 1 hit kill ! All guns auto ! All outfits unlocked after completing the 8 achievments ! See info below for weapon & health tip ! Also you can Play naked lol outfit "0" Play Now!
Death Row Cheat is: stats,cash, other cheats: ness28(10000 cash),ollie29(refill stats), sidog27(not even a cheat) Play Now!
Warfare 1917 Cheat is: Upgrade points, no reload for the soldiers and morale hack Play Now!
Bright In The Screen Cheat is: selectLOL:Health hack and roflmao987:Asking where the health variable was,lol. Play Now!
Bomb a Bomb Cheat is: Press M each time to decrease the level Minimum by 1. Play Now!
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