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Ramps Cheat is: Level code just enter the level number you want to go to 2-33 Play Now!
Cursor*10 Cheat is: 999 cursor life Play Now!
F22 Fire in the Sky Cheat is: Infinite fuel, Missiles and Bombs - Health increased to 9999999999. Play Now!
Farm Express 2 Cheat is: Lots of money after completing the first level Play Now!
Goosehead Racing Cheat is: Lots of cash Play Now!
Bratz Fish Tank Cheat is: Money Hack - $9999999 Play Now!
Stick Brawl Cheat is: Health Hack Play Now!
TentaDrill Cheat is: Lives hack and agility improvement Play Now!
Head hates Gears Cheat is: Health, time Play Now!
Run,Jesus,Run! Cheat is: 127 seconds to beat the game instead of 10 seconds.It only takes a second for the hack to work. ;) Play Now!
Blue Archer 2 Cheat is: Start with 15 arrows instead of 5 each level - Only 1 point needed to advance to the next level Play Now!
Bakers Defense Cheat is: Health hack for you and cake and a lot of money. Play Now!
Amuse Park Cheat is: 4000 extra starting cash - Everything is Cheap & Very Fast Build Time - See Note Below! Play Now!
Celtiic Village Cheat is: All recourses maxed Play Now!
Epic War 1 Cheat is: Infinite Mana, more Castle Health, enough EXP-Points to upgrade anything. NOTE: Takes a while to load after pressing play. Be patient. Play Now!
Space Hummer 3 Cheat is: Unlimited time to reach the goal Play Now!
Oil Night Cheat is: Everything in the shop is free Play Now!
Donkey BoM Cheat is: Unlimited Tries (lives) Play Now!
Breakfast Brawl Cheat is: More time Double Damage to Enemies Play Now!
Paranoia Cheat is: Infinite health and bombs Play Now!
Bulwark 53 Cheat is: Health hack, Infinite medi packs, all weapons unlocked, move quicker, faster fire rate and the your bullets move faster. Play Now!
The Last Stand Cheat is: Unlimited Heath, All guns except the grenade's, Unlimited Ammo, Damage increase for the guns, unlimited hours and auto survivors - All guns automatic - chainsaw has range Play Now!
Spongebob Snowpants Cheat is: More time added Play Now!
Commando 2: Attack of the Goblins Cheat is: Health, Gold Play Now!
Bumper Boat Battle Cheat is: Health, Points, Money and mine reload hack Play Now!
Sniper Hero 2 Cheat is: You can't get detected & Infinite Ammo. Note : your helper (2nd mission) can still be detected so hurry up and shoot all the enemies before they see him. Space to zoom, mouse to shoot. Play Now!
Ether War Cheat is: Ether Play Now!
Parking Training 2 Cheat is: Double x2 Time to complete each level & 1 Point needed to pass the level Play Now!
Watermelon Bomb Cheat is: All upgrades Free Play Now!
RTS Tanks Cheat is: Money Hack Play Now!
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